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Friday, May 27, 2022
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Critical Thinking

Perhaps our downfall as a society is our inability to think critically. Having the ability to think critically is an important skill that many people lack. As a society we do not have


African youth and women leadership in shambles

Hitherto Africa’s economic decolonization and political stability remains a contentious issue. A mostly related message is that Africa is under-developing. That it is a third world which is best characterized and defined by


Children Consenting To Medical Treatment in South African Law

Valid consent is just as important when treating children and young people as it is with adults. In some situations children are able to give consent themselves, and sometimes others need to take the decision on their behalf. There are several pieces of legislation in force that govern the issue of minors and consent to medical treatment, with the most significant


Alternative Law

Small and medium-sized businesses typically encounter similar commercial law dilemmas. Instead of legal relief being something that is readily available and accessible to ordinary businesses, over the past few years “Dealing with lawyers” has become a rather daunting and grieving task.

Boutique commercial law consultancy ‘Whipping the Cat’ was founded in September 2013 and aims to change the perception of the way that legal services can be delivered in South Africa


Rape: A political tool?

Tyrants with pathological cravings for power have organized campaigns of rape since ancient times, from Troy to Nanking and Sierra Leone to Cyprus, from East Pakistan to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and beyond.

Since 1998, the international community has agreed that rape when committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack against a civilian population


Inflation meets unemployment

Inflation is a major concern for government policymakers, companies, workers and investors. However, reducing inflation is not a relaxed process and is quite a multifaceted task.Inflation refers to the increase in the overall level of prices and hyperinflation refers to extraordinary high rates of inflation such as Germany experienced in 1920 and Zimbabwe in 2007.

Hyperinflation occurs in some countries because the government prints too much of money to pay for its spending. Unemployment is the total number of people who are of working age and who are able and available for work at current wage rates and who want a job.


Should the Court refuse Divorce ?

South African courts rarely refuse to grant a divorce, however; there are times when the law acknowledges that there may be circumstances in which a party may be significantly disadvantaged as a result of a divorce.

 South Africa’s law aims to empower courts to help protect disadvantaged parties. This is especially relevant in cases where couples have been married according to both civil and religious requirements.

Family law specialist and senior legal practitioner, Gillian Lowndes, said that a civil order of divorce has no effect in relation to the parties’ religious marriage and unless a religious divorce document is obtained, any subsequent marriages will not be valid according to certain religious laws.


The interest of the unborn child

According to the Oxford English dictionary, the word 'person' has the following definitions: “A character sustained or assumed in a drama or the like, or in actual life; an individual human being- a man, woman or child”.

In terms of South African law, a person may be defined as a human being, an entity or even an association capable of having legal rights and obligations. According to current South African law, legal personality for human beings begins at birth. The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa as well as the Children's Act both define a ‘child’ as a person below the age of eighteen years old. This logically implies that legal persona begins at birth and that the law views a


Lack of communication between parents and children can cause damage!

Children from strict families may be well-behaved. But they also tend to be less resourceful, have poorer social skills, and lower self esteem. Compared with kids from households that are not strict, children exposed to strict discipline may also achieve less at school. No one know how to do it perfectly has the right manual to do it perfectly and most strict parents might


Why should we pretend?

There are many brilliant minded citizens in this country but their abilities are being hampered by the lack of financial support towards achieving their dreams and aspirations. This has led to many to be incarcerated or still out there in the large doing crime, after all these are thinkers and have realised that they can make more money out of crime than sitting on a money making idea that is not being considered due to the” powers that be” busy fattening up themselves


Life is too short.

Life is too short, why dwell



Times have really changed indeed, yet some things will take forever to change.  With the arrival of spring, I decided to go out with the family and go smell the smell of flowers and hear the birds chirping. Hmmm, the question was where to go; I decided to go to one of the water resorts. A funny thing is that I can’t swim, but the place I heard had great views and awesome braai facilities. You can’t divorce me from my steak; I decided that this was the plan.


Miss Understood

She stares into the mirror, trying so hard to identify with what she sees; her past shadows itself with regret while her future lingers with remorse. So wise yet so misunderstood, the image staring back seems somewhat annoyed by the site of her beauty and her identity seeks to find a way to unlock her full potential. She wonders what forces are at work here? Has God’s existence found a home elsewhere?

She is a mystery to herself, a jigsaw puzzle missing bits and pieces that don’t even identify with the reflection she sees. She lines



 The greatest tragedy in life is not death but life without a purpose.


Where Do You Shine?

Money is not the key to happiness. More ‘stuff' is not the key to happiness.


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