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Friday, May 27, 2022
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graphsSpotlight News is a quality newspaper for South Africans and printed edition currently published only Gauteng every Saturday but online valid 24/7 with national news for global readers.

Our market features a high percentage of home owners who count on our newspaper for coverage of their communities, their school districts and their neighborhoods. These are the dynamic, growing communities which represent the Gauteng Province top demographic markets and also provide you with international exposure though advertising in this website.
Each issue is read cover to cover by people of all ages living in the communities served by each paper. Spotlight News remains in the home for the entire week and is read at the reader's convenience.

Advertising in Spotlight News generates reader response for the entire week. Spotlight Newspaper provides information available nowhere else. News that affects the reader: local events, local taxes, local politics, local schools, local business, friends and neighbors.

Local news is not like daily news, dead the next day. Local news stays fresh for the entire week because it directly impacts the people who read it.

Download our advertising rate card here and you can book advertising online below and you are free to contact us for further assistance.

ADVERTISING in Spotlight News is like opening a door in a dark room 

Without an advert in Spotlight News is like being alone in a dark room with the door closed. You know you are there, but no one else does.

The secret of success in marketing that includes advertising and most companies do. People need to know about you before they can give you their business.

It is therefore surprising how many small business owners assume that their great idea, cool location, bright sign, good looks etc. will bring people through the door. Here’s what brings new people (Potential Clients) in the door: advertising in Spotlight Newspaper and we also offer online advertising in this website. 

Sure, marketing is great and important. Networking and social networking, as well as customer service and word of mouth are also important. Advertising in Spotlight News, however, is the route to potential biggest payoff. Advertising turns the light on - it lets people know you are out there.

This then begs the question: In this Internet era, is newspaper advertising still a good choice? Our answer is YES, newspaper force readers to read your advertisements.

Now of course some caveats apply: Newspaper readership and circulation are declining. Online ads are growing. There are a slew of new choices out there these days.
But that’s the whole point.

Research has shown that newspaper readership is in fact growing. Even in this intensive technological age, not everybody has the ‘toys’ like iPads and smartphones to read the news. They also don’t get the other juicy features on one site even if they did.

Another reason is that people are afraid of being robbed when carrying such an expensive piece of equipment in public. Therefore newspaper is still very popular.

Newspaper advertising is good for you for many reasons:

  • Your advert is physical and, as such, can be cut out and saved for future use (no need for printing.) It can contain details, prices, offers and contact information that is sometimes more difficult to get across (and remembered) with the electronic media.
  • People take time with Spotlight News, a week full and thus are exposed to your advertisement for a longer period of time.
  • Studies show that newspaper readers tend to be a little older, better educated and better off, which sounds like a great customer demographic for many businesses.
  • As indicated, with fewer ads these days, yours can stand out.
  • The reason savvy advertisers place ads in the paper is simple: It works. Newspaper ads pull.
  • Success in newspaper advertising requires a few things: You should begin by speaking with an advertisement representative for Spotlight Newspaper. S/he can help you get the ad designed in-house, as well as help you with a budget, choose the right section and even suggest which week of the month would work best for you.
  •  The toughest question is how big an ad to run and how often. The answer is: As much as you can afford. Like most advertising, with newspapers the key is repetition.

In addition, keep in mind that:

  • Weekly newspapers remain the best newspapers and are read most.
  • Your placement in the paper is critical. If you have the right budget, you will be able to choose the page of the section you want, and you should.

Book your advert TODAY to be placed in Spotlight Newspaper’s next edition. Download Spotlight News Advertising Rate Card here. 

Spotlight News: Should always be your best advertising option.

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