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Friday, May 27, 2022
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Welcome to Spotlight Newspaper, the publication with a vision. That VISION is that we will be the most preferred and most trusted media publication in every household of South Africa.


With that comes the MISSION of being vibrant, trustworthy and relevant regarding the latest national and international news.


Spotlight Newspaper will grow towards distributing to millions of readers residing in South Africa and be the leading online news supplier through an intensive news delivery strategy by involving our readers and other members of the community in reporting the news by all means of communications.


This strategy will also grow loyalty with our current readers and build interest for non-readers.


Spotlight Newspaper saw its start in late 2013 as dream. It was aimed at being Gauteng provincial newspaper with the vision of attracting the nation at large as the best publication for our society.


Lerato Sirengqe is the founder of this publication and the publisher. His objective with this publication is to enlighten, inspire and empower our nation by exposing the truth and lay the communication platform between communities, government and service providers across the entire country.


Printed Spotlight Newspaper started as a monthly community newspaper in Gauteng Province but now it’s being published each week and circulated in Gauteng Province, gradually spreading to all provinces in South Africa.


We publish national and international breaking news, sports, opinions, business and all other that involve South Africans using printed and online publications with the intention to enlighten, inspire and empower by exposing the truth.


In addition we publish publicity articles on behalf of our clients in order to promote their businesses at reasonable rates. Spotlight Newspaper provides readers with unparalleled coverage of up to date general news, opinions, events, and advertising with unparalleled exposure to consumers.


The Staff of Spotlight Newspaper actively participate in service organizations, chambers of commerce, charitable groups and community events. We’re proud ourselves of this involvement; feeling that the quality and commitment of our staff is the driving force behind the success of our company. 


“As the publisher, I can truly say I work with some of the most intelligent, dedicated and hardworking professionals in this industry. They make me proud as the founder of this publication.”  


Feedbacks from our readers and advertisers, either positive or critical, make Spotlight Newspaper stronger.


We would like to invite all our readers and advertisers to contact us for anything that will be of interest to them - we here to serve them. We will be more than happy to make your acquaintance.


With Spotlight Newspaper be enlightened, inspired and empowered... we expose the truth!

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