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Saturday, July 04, 2020
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ANC pre-victory celebration in Polokwane – Garena Village

Loraine Mabotse Mothiba saluting members and supporters of the African National Congress, giving words of gratitude and declaring victory on 3 August 2016 – Picture: Lerato Sirengqe

Polokwane – Last Saturday, 23 July 2016, ANC candidate councilor Lorraine Mabotse Mothiba together with her team hosted a mind-blowing “know your candidate councilor event”.


The event was supported by ANC members whom they were also involved in painting their wards with ANC colours. With their expressions and party-political songs they were proclaiming victory and rejoicing in the progress made and Dr Malinga was among the performing artists.

The event was emotionally charged and Dr Malinga had to take of his Jacket – Picture: Lerato Sirengqe


Mabotse told Spotlight Newspaper that she was born as an ANC member in Soweto – Molapo, both her parents were political activists. “I joined ANC while I was in the womb of my mother”, she expressed herself. “My Father was also among those who started this movement while he was still a lawyer at Kliptown Law Firm; some of my uncles are still missing in exile, and we used to protect ourselves with water bottles full of water and our wet school shirts against teargas. We burned tyres and threw stones during those days to fight for this democracy we have today because of African National Congress”, she said.

Flora Park ward 21 chairperson Comrade Lawrence Mapoulo also had a chance to address members and supporters of African National Congress in Polokwane – Ladanna Garena Village. Picture: Lerato Sirengqe


In 1985 we moved to Polokwane, then it was known as Pietersburg and I continued as an activist and a member of African National Congress. In 2007 I worked at SABC as radio drama player, voice artist, stage performer, and presenter, presented a famous talk show called “Are Boleleng” (Let’s Talk) where I was known as Tripple-M, that was when I moved to Ladanna GaRena Village. I won awards for the best show, best presenter and my greatest highlight was winning the Total Citizen Empowerment Award. I have assisted many people including those with disabilities, those who were unable to bury their beloved and many others because that was how my parents raised me; they taught me humility. That’s what Mabotse told Spotlight Newspaper.

Dr Malinga jumped high as a sign of victory while dancing to entertain African National Congress members and supporters in Polokwane – Ladanna. Picture: Lerato Sirengqe


“Since then I continued in Ladanna GaRena Village to participate in my community engagements including political activities. Together with my lovely team we continued to make sure that nobody would violate the rights of others; we protected those who were unable to protect themselves; we advised those who needed it; we consulted the right people where consultation was required and achieved many things under the umbrella of the African National Congress. It is not the first time I was nominated as this ward candidate but unfortunately we lost the ward to DA because most of our members were voting from their place of origin because they were not registered to vote where they lived. Now we have prepared our foundation, influenced and assisted our residents to register to vote in this ward and for that reason we are certain that the victory belongs to the ANC especially because DA failed to serve this community”, she said.


“ANC leaders who also contributed with everything in their powers for preparation of this event and to win this wards were sub-region chairperson comrade Machaba, Comrade Thaba, members of regional leadership under deputy chairperson comrade John Mpe and chairperson Comrade De Wet; members of the PEC under comrade Thabo Mokone, chairperson and secretaries from sister branches, representation of Cosatu by Comrade Mofokeng; representation of youth comrade Mongwe, representation of woman’s league comrade Marcia,  representation of SANCO Edward Mamuthubi, the leadership of Garena Village led by tenants chairperson Comrade Agi Makhura and members of branch executive committee led by the executive mayor of Polokwane Thembi Nkadimeng. With the support we received from this leadership, national leaders, ANC members and our communities in general, we believe we have already won”, said Mabotse Mothiba with a confident smile.


In her last words she said: “The event was blessed by Pastors who prayed for peaceful elections and we encouraging all our communities to go out in numbers on 3 August 2016 to cast their votes for ANC, that’s the only way to claim back this wards from the DA and receive quality service delivery.”

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