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Saturday, July 31, 2021
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ANC statement on SRC election outcomes

The African National Congress congratulates the Progressive Youth Alliance (PYA), composed of the ANC Youth League, South African Students Congress (SASCO), the Young Communist League of South Africa (YCL) together with the Muslim Students` Association (MSA) at Wits, on their decisive victory in the Wits University SRC elections. This victory is part of a wave of successes scored by components of the PYA, individually and

collectively, in various University campuses during their annual SRC elections.

This victory over other organisations in the Wits SRC elections is testament to the confidence of students in the capacity of the Progressive Youth Alliance, as part of our broad democratic alliance, to provide leadership on matters of student interest better than any other formation. Indeed this victory is a culmination of long standing tireless efforts and commitment at servicing students by members of the PYA components in the University. At the same time the ANC, and certainly the PYA, humbly understands this victory to be a call to action on the PYA and its SRC to continue with their selfless service and dedicate themselves to nothing else but the provision of leadership on students` affairs.

The African National Congress commends these components of our progressive youth movement for holding the fort in the higher education landscape as part of our broad strategy of social transformation within the context of our National Democratic Revolution. The collective success of the Progressive Youth Alliance in the Wits SRC elections reasserts our long standing principle of `unity of purpose and in action` as the most critical strategy of closing ranks, defeating opposing forces and increasing the political impact of our movement.

The African National Congress pledges its support to all components of the PYA during this period of SRC elections. We will continue working together with these formations of our progressive youth movement in regaining the electoral mandate of students across all institutions.

We call on the leadership of the PYA to sustain this momentum of unity and not to allow any divisions within the progressive block and thereby provide fertile ground for opposition forces to score points. The utter rejection by students of new formations which claim to speak on behalf of young people in these institutions is telling.

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