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LB Mphahlele exhorting his audience to create a family culture through wide reading – Picture: Lerato Sirengqe

Polokwane – On 10September 2016 married people and those planning to get married will gather at Polokwane Royal Hotel to attend the inspirational event entitled

CHOOSE TO BECOME DIFFERENT IN YOUR MARRIED LIFE.” The event is hosted by LB’s Motivation Institute, a private company located in Polokwane City – Limpopo Province.


According to the main speaker, this marriage sessions’ facilitator Mr Leshiretje Ben Mphahlele, “Marriage is an institution created by God and is three-dimensional in nature, i.e it consists of God, husband and wife. It does not open itself up to man’s opinion. It has to be operated on His principles for it to succeed. Among common issues of conflict in most marriages are petty misunderstandings which often build-up into strongholds, which if not carefully and sensitively handled can create openings for continuous widening rifts.”


The overall vision is to contribute, in a small way, towards reviewing perspectives and generating refreshed ones, healing and stimulating your constructive relationships. Surely, it’s an investment of a lifetime considering the cost involved and what it covers, that is morning tea/coffee and sandwiches, lunch with soft drinks, afternoon tea/coffee with biscuits at R350 per person. Payments should be made at First National Bank (FNB), Account Number: 6237 5288 620, Account Name: LB’s Motivation Institute, and deposit reference is PR followed by your cell phone number. Deposit slips should be produced at entrance.


Mr Mphahlele has indicated that the focus of the two sessions will be narrowed on the following sub-topics:- The purpose of marriage, an enriching lifestyle, relationship skills, learn to live with love and harmony, escape wrong thinking, conquering the “bad spirit monster”, reconnect with your partner and what lens is your marriage being filtered through? Keeping marriage intact is hard work; however, the pleasure that accompanies your efforts depends on skills generated by your imagination and a sense of humour. We hope to share with you some of the solid teachings we strongly believe you will find helpful.


Mr Mphahlele, almost in his mid-sixties, surely, should be having something up his sleeve to share with the audience. With over sixteen years of experience in the Motivation Industry, plus a wide experience as an Educator, Lecturer, Language Practitioner, Freelance Editor and Educational Consultant and a voracious reader, the event certainly is something to look forward to!


Migion Mc Laughlin once said: “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” 


Events start at 9am and registration start at 8:30am 

Contact Ben Mphahle on +2772 260 6134 for more information.