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Friday, May 27, 2022
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Fire fighters arriving to save the house that is on flames at Slovo – Cape Town

Fire shattered the home of seven family members on Saturday morning at Slovo – Cape Town just outside Century. All family members were in tears and messy when they were explaining to Spotlight Newspaper how the fire

started and left them emotionally strained and drifting because what used to be their home is turned to ashes.


60 years old pensioner Nkosiyethu Manya told Spotlight Newspaper that he was sitting at home when he heard a bursting sound from electricity meter box that initiated the fire that shattered their homes including their personal belongings. “Now we have nothing, whatever we had is now useless ashes and we have nothing to replace what we lost.” He expressed with flowing rivers of tears in his face. 

House on Fire 

 Four sharks at the backyard including the possessions inside were burned down to ashes but the house was saved. Slovo residents said they are grateful that at least Fire Fighters managed to arrive on time, otherwise the fire was going to affect nearby homes even burn down the house, no one was injured or dead. However they mentioned that if the fire fighters had arrived immediately after the call was made, some of the possessions could have been saved. But other residents in the area were passing as if nothing is happening, regardless how the family was painfully screaming for help.


Before the fire fighters arrived on scene, a group of young courageous men climbed on top of the house trying to end the fire with buckets of water but unfortunately the flames were too strong. Cape Town disaster management team was expected to arrive and help the devastated family but didn’t arrive when Spotlight News Team was present at the scene.


Fire Fighters Station Commander (FFSD) Dimsday told us that they responded as soon as possible but the flames were beyond control but they were on time and managed to safe the house unfortunately  all four outside sharks were unsaved and everything burned.  .


Spotlight Newspaper is assisting the distressed family to ask for donations to comfort their loss, clothes, food parcels, building materials and financial contributions will be appreciated by the family and you’re free to contact Spotlight Journalist - Makoko Raselo at 074 844 9988 on how to get hold of this devastated family . This is the remains of the house that was on fire that left the family seven homeless and without anything to console them at Slovo – Cape Town.

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