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Friday, May 27, 2022
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Electricity installation project set to kick off soon for Ngwelezane residents

The mayor of Umhlathuze Cllr Mduduzi Mhlongo brought joy to the people of Ngwelezane, confirming the installation of electricity in the area.

The project was set to kick of last year but was put on hold after the municipality did a comprehensive research and it was recovered that some of the area was not suitable. The Mayor confirmed to the brief meeting held at the Ngwelezane hall that the project will be starting soon and the constructors are given the maximum of four months to finish project.

The mayor says should the people work together with the constructors and the municipality this might even take less than 4 months to complete. “We urge the people to assist us in completing this project not to cause any conflicts which might be results in the slowdown of completing the work. The main problem that we usually have is that people are easily to complain and take actions which affects some projects not to be finished on time,” said Mhlongo.

When the project was first introduced each residents was supposed to pay a fee of R26.000. The community rose complains in terms of the high value that was supposed to be payed and the municipality took that as their first priority to and resolved the issue. It came to a decision to that they will not pay any money for the installation. The only amount set to be paid is for the application where by residents will then get a meter number and a cable after they have paid the amount of R4.900 for the application.

The project will start with the first 220 houses that were registered before, then will continue to install in other houses. People are urged to not forge electricity or create ‘izinyoka nyoka’ and those found in such position will be punished and the electricity will be cut off.

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