Appointment of the Chair of Electoral Commission Mr Glenton Vuma Mashinini

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Vice Chairperson Commissioner Terry Tselane at the appointment of the new Chair at IEC offices in Centurion.

Mr. Mashinini accepted the responsibility as Chair of the electoral Commission with humility and

he outlined certain facts regarding his appointment, he sees the electoral as the institution that is at the very heart of entrenching the constitutional democracy through the conduct of free and fair elections.

He thanked the President of the Republic of South Africa for having faith in his abilities, and was grateful to Parliament and its Portfolio Committee on home Affairs as well as the interview panel comprised of leaders of Chapter Nine Institutions and chaired by the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court who nominated him to serve on the Commission.


Vice Chair Commissioner Terry Tselane, Chair Commissioner Glenton Vuma Mashinini and the Chief communication Officer Kate Bapela at the IEC offices in Centurion.He said he is extremely aware of the weight of responsibility and expectations he is entrusted with and which are integral to this position of a Chair, and ready, willing and able to discharge his responsibilities with professionalism, integrity and commitment to the country and its fellow citizens.



As the democracy evolves so too are the expectations , it goes without saying that the Electoral commission is expected to improve and strengthen its capabilities to ensure that South African elections and outcomes represent a true reflection of the will of the people.


He said the responsibility of the commission is to give effect to the choice and the will of the ordinary South Africans. Whereby in every corner of the country every citizen should be satisfied and the commission conduct strengthen the country’s democracy and that the democratic processes are beyond reproach.



The political landscape in Republic of South Africa is also evolving and has become robust and competitive, where the commission must keep pace with this evolution by continuing to strive to rise to even higher standards of accountability, transparency, impartiality and integrity.


The new appointed Chair Commissioner Glenton Vuma Mashinini.The administration of the elections has become more structured with constant improvements to ensure institutional excellence by maintaining pre-eminent international electoral standards and by indomitable democracy development education and outreach programme.


The nation knows that the Electoral Commission is the embodiment of democracy that enhances the state integrity, national stability, national and international legitimacy and undoubtedly the national pride. He showed pride in being part of the establishment of an institution like Electoral Commission and in entrenching the principles of democracy and the values of integrity, transparency, independence and accountability which underpins it.


The institution is rich in talent and which boasts a team of world class, professional and highly experienced Commissioners, the Chief Electoral Officer, Senior Managers, Provincial electoral Officers, Municipal Electoral Managers and Electoral staff who since the inception continue to serve the country with excellency and distinction.


Following the appointment as Commissioner in May 2015 he was welcomed warmly and inducted by Vice Chairperson 1commissioner Mr. Terry Tselane , who introduced him to other Commissioners , the Chief Electoral Officers and Senior Managers. He thanked them all for the welcome and regarded the institution as home.


Though all these colleagues he said he has gained a reasonable understanding of the work and internal processes pf this evolved organization, the state of readiness for the 2016 municipal elections to be particular and is satisfied that the Commission and its administrative and operational team is ready for the task and challenges ahead noting of course that some processes have critical interdependence with other state institutions. Municipal demarcation board (MDB) remains the most critical dependency in the delivery of the 2016 Municipal Elections.

The Electoral Commission is currently busy aligning voting districts to ward boundaries. The work to recruit and train registration staff is underway. Soon thereafter voter registration will take place then all will await the proclamation of the elections.


The institution is already working with all stakeholders both internally in the Commission and externally including political parties, civil society and national security agencies to ensure that the climate is conducive for credible elections.


The responsibility to ensure free and fair and credible elections are not for Electoral commission alone and as Commission relying on the goodwill of South African citizens both young and old to ensure democracy thrive is a step that the commission is heading on. All South Africans in cities, towns and rural areas, those in farming communities, the business community, various faith communities, traditions and cultures are invited to play their part meaningfully to enhance democracy.

Those who are not yet registered are called upon to register. The Commission commitment goes beyond the country but also to the continent and globally through the active participation in electoral multilateral organization and in liaison with the Department of International Relations and Co-Operation.


The IEC is synonymous with the birth of a democratic and free South Africa, it the national treasure which belongs to the whole country. Its value and currency are integrity and credibility, it should not be undermined or tainted because no one will benefit. The commission remains fully committed to fulfilling the constitution mandate of enhancing this electoral institution and deepening democracy in this country.


In conclusion the Commissioner said he is calling upon the whole team and the thousands of electoral staff to join together in ensuring that the Commission deliver a world class electoral experience in 2016 municipal elections guided by Tata Mandela’s words “For to be free is not merely to cast one’s chains but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others” .This will be the institution’s pledge.