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Friday, May 27, 2022
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Awards Ceremony to Government Departments for achieving clean Audits

Mr Barry Wheeler the cooperate executive audit at AGSA at the Awards Ceremony held in Pretoria.

Auditor General South Africa (AGSA) held the award ceremony At Casa Toscana – Pretoria Lynwood for government departments that

were able to achieve clean audits and also those who were maintaining clean audit from previous years.

Mr. Barry Wheeler from AGSA explained how the process is done to get to the conclusion, how the process affects the nation and their organization as part of the government. He emphasized that a clean audit means there were no material fault, that does not mean the documents were perfect but that the following were correct:

Mbali Dlamini - Audit Senior Manager at AGSA at the awards Ceremony held in Pretoria,Financial statements and compliance documents that goes with the constitution. When AGSA is satisfied with the compliance and the process is complete meaning it is reliable, valid, satisfactory and true. He also said achieving a clean audit is one thing but maintaining like certain departments is another difficult matter and it is an over achievement and encourages others to do the same.

The reason why clean audit is important is that it highlights that the state funds were utilized correctly, the level of efficiency within the states funds, expenses are well maintained and paid with market related prices and lastly ministers know what the departments are all about and what is happening within their departments. AGSA plays a role of ensuring accountability to the public sector, the tax payers and everyone involved by performing these audits and saw it fit to award those departments who have reached that stage.

Department that were awarded clean audit are the following:
1. Department of Science and Technology
2. Department of Sports and Recreation
3. Department of Defense
4. Department of Social Development

Ministers of Department of Science and Technology Naledi Pandor and of Sports and Recreation Fikile Mbalula,  staff members from both departments and officials from AGSA at the awards ceremony held in Pretoria.Minister Of Sports and Recreation Fikile Mbalula congratulated all the ministers who received awards , he said he feels like a bunch of winner joining other winners once more as he received the award even last year. He gave all the praises to his staff (the director general and the team) and the audit team where all the hard work is done.

He continued to thank AGSA as they normally hold periodic meetings trying to assistant them to improve the department’s work where they consult and engage to make this process productive which works wonders when it comes to good governance. He emphasized on the department’s commitment to good governance, working with limited resources and the accountability to the public. Staff has to work extra hard to ensure that the department comply so that it can achieve this status and maintain it and it doesn’t come easy.  

He committed to solving the issues around boxing South Africa and Drug Free Sport where by he says there are developments already taking place and the rest will be reported at a later stage.
He ended by saying if some departments can achieve clean audit then the rest of the government departments can do it as well. He concluded by congratulating the Department of Science and Technology and Minister Naledi Pandor because they are used to the clean audit.

Department of Science and Technology Minister Naledi Pandor congratulated all the departments that achieved and for the wonderful audit outcome , she said she has only one common problem with our country and that is people like to complain but the clean audit event will give people something to celebrate. She further congratulated Department of Science and Technology (DST) and all the entities that reports to the DST being:
1. Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR)
2. National Research Foundation (NRF)
3. Human Science Research Council (HSRC)

for excellent performances including the management of all entities. She explained how clean audit comes whereby she said it’s it is the compliance with all legislation in respect to the evaluation of both the financial and performance management meaning it is the signal that all the staff has worked very well to ensure that they strengthen administrative and management systems. 


The department has taken the time to train the staff and to have the consequences management because she believes that the staff has to be rewarded for doing the work correct and be strict if the work is not done because there has to be an accountability to the public. The aim is to enhance the quality of the lives of South Africans. If the right thing is done with public finances then the entire nation benefits and if the wrong thing is done with the public funds then someone is denied the opportunity for their life to be better. Proper utilization of the nation’s finances is significant hence today is celebrated.

She concluded by saying this recognition is well deserved because of the hard work done and the AGSA for the award initiative, the appreciation of excellence and maintaining the standard. The department will ensure that their approach to good governance is not just good but excellent and hopefully the department can maintain that hard work year to year and she asked AGSA that if they see that the department is going the wrong direction they should call the officials and rectify the wrongdoing to ensure that all involved are on track.

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