Community Anti-Drug march overwhelmingly successful

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Various community organisations and the community at large in the Johannesburg South area marched together in protest against drugs. Organised by the local council, this march attracted over 400 people. The march started in Rotunda Park in Turfontein and proceeded for over 5 kilometres ending back in Rotanda Park.


Present was CEO of Crimeline, Yusuf Abramjee, who was impressed with the support from the community to take a stand against drugs. The crowd chanted with him: “No to drugs!”


Member of Parliament for Johannesburg South, Manny de Freitas, was also present and specifically asked the children there to say no to drugs and added that “you’re not a cool kid if you take drugs. The cool kids don’t do drugs.” De Freitas said that no one needs drugs.


The route of the march went past houses of suspected drug dealers to show them and the community that the fight against drugs will be intensified.


Manny de Freitas explained that he spoke to some of the SAPS officers present and explained that the march was not a “once-off” event but part of an overall strategy in the fight against drugs.


“The SAPS have informed Spotlight that they have previously undertaken a number of successful operations with future anti-drug operations in the pipeline.” said de Freitas. De Freitas said that this is a long-haul fight that needs to be fought so that more people do not start drug taking and others get out of the drug cycle.