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Friday, May 27, 2022
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The drought in the Northern parts of the KwaZulu Natal Province has reached a critical condition.

Farmers are concerned about their crops and cattle dying due to the shortage of water. More than 19 livestock have died recently in a small rural area near Maphumulo

in the past weeks, as cattle farmers cannot afford to drill boreholes for their animals to drink from.


Unemployed Sandile Gcwensa (22), is also saddened by the situation as he makes living by growing crops and selling them. Gcwensa says that this worries him because his garden is dry and the crops are not growing due to the lack of rain. “Usually I sell vegetables to support myself because I’ve been struggling to find a job but now things are getting tougher as the situation is getting worse and I am unable to make any money”.

In most African cultures livestock are very important as they are used for traditional ceremonies and some cattle farmers depend on the animals to get money to take care of their families. Bhekumuzi Mhlongo (45), a cattle farmer, says that since the rivers have dried up, they are depending on standpipes to get water to give to their animals. The problem is that sometimes even the standpipes run out of water, which is why the cattle end up dying of thirst.

According to the Ballito Vet Hospital, it is estimated that each cow needs about 60 litres of water a day which is the main reason they die because they’re not getting enough water and their lives depend on it.

The water crisis in KwaZulu Natal needs to be addressed soon before the crisis becomes unmanageable. Perhaps the government could step in and assist the drought stricken areas.

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