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Thursday, June 30, 2022
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The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters was once more as charismatic as always during his address at Oscar Mpeta Stadium in Turfloop on Tuesday. Thousands of EFF supporters packed the stadium in an event organized by the party to mark the June 16 Soweto uprisings.

There were several of similar events held across the country to commemorate this day. President Jacob Zuma, his Deputy Cyril Ramaphosa and the majority of cabinet Ministers were in Pretoria addressing the youth rally in a marquee, in sharp contrast to the one addressed by Malema, which was packed to the rafters.Malema addresses the gathering. Photo: Lerato Sirengqe

Addressing the crowd of mainly the youth, Malema talked at length about the importance of education and discouraged the youth to desist from abusing drugs and indulging in Nyaope. “We need educated young people. When you hear people talking about the best scientists, accountants, pilots and architects, they must be referring to black young people. This can only be achieved through hard work”. Said Malema.

The fiery EFF leader then turned to colonial or apartheid past. “All apartheid names must be changed. We are now gathered here at Oscar Mpetha stadium which is named after our struggle hero” said Malema. “Our institutions must be named after our heroes. We cannot continue to be reminded about our terrible past. There are those who say the apartheid statues must be preserved because they are our history. They are effectively saying you must never remove the picture of your ex-partner because it’s your history. We say they belong to the dustbin of history because we can’t be kept on being reminded about the murderers of Steve Biko, Chris Hani and Solomon Mahlangu”. Malema lamented.

Benny Mayenganyi and his Tsonga dancers. Photo: Lerato Sirengqe

He then made an appeal to the elderly to stop supporting the ANC because of Mandela, saying Mandela has passed on. He said what is left is a thief who continues to steal the money meant to the people. Malema went on to mock the shape of President Zuma’s head “Can’t you see that Mandela doesn’t look like Zuma. Mandela does not have the looks like a butternut?” asked Malema, amid a loud laughter. “We know you loved Mandela, we also loved him. He was not like Zuma who steals your money to build swimming pool and the chicken run at his home” said Malema.

Malema continued to attack Afrikaners, saying they are arrogant. He said his party is omitting the Afrikaans version when singing the National Anthem, saying there is nothing special about Afrikaans. Malema lamented what he called the continued dominance of Afrikaans in the public arena.

Furthermore he requested this nation and his supporters not to be thrilled by free food parcels and poor low-cost housing that the ANC government is supplying them. “This nation deserves better than free food parcels and poor low-cost houses, our people deserve proper quality houses and better incomes”. Said Malema.

Malema continued to reiterate his party’s policy on land that if elected into power all land will be taken without compensation. “They should bring back our land and if they don’t, will take it back by force”. Malema emphasized.

On Sudan President Omar al-Bashir’s debacle, Malema stated that his party does not support dictators and murderers and that Al-Bashir must rot in jail for the crimes he committed against his own people. “People think we support al-Bashir that is not the case. We are only against the colonial and imperialist ICC to adjudicate on this matter. Africa must have its own judicial system to deal with African problems.” said Malema. He continued to question the ICC’s motives as only Africans are being prosecuted. Malema concluded by saying his party will win all municipalities in Limpopo as the ANC no longer exist in the province.

The crowd was entertained by various artists such as President Mayinganye, Lundi, Spikiri, Bricks, and Alaska etc. Clad in EFF’s camouflage and red beret, the Tsonga artists Mayinganye accompanied by his shibelane ladies, made his moves on stage as the Commander in Chief Julius Malema was introduced. 

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