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Thursday, June 30, 2022
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EFF WANTS John Block to Go!

The EFF is a calling on Premier Sylvia Lucas to dismiss fraud and corruption accused and Finance MEC, John Block from her cabinet.

This emerged during a media briefing recently where the provincial branch outlined its resolutions towards the 2016 local government elections.

“We are of the opinion that the struggle for economic freedom is a political struggle, to ensure all people (of Northern Cape) have an equitable share in the natural mineral and economic resources”

“Block seems to enjoy being in court for fraud and corruption and we can’t continue to entrust him with our provincial fiscus” said provincial secretary George Nyakama. 

Block who is also provincial ANC leader faces a plethora of fraud, money laundering and corruption cases.

Despite this, Premier Lucas is on record that she can’t “act retrospectively” as all charges relate to a time when he was not in government she explained. 

 The party also called for the dismissal of Northern Cape MEC for Education Grizelda Cjiekella - Lecholo Citing poor matric results for black learners in 2014.

Cope and the DA made similar demands in the past to no avail.

The EFF is the third largest political party having secured 6.35% - a total of 11169 259 votes during the 2014 national elections. However for Northern Cape, EFF only secured two seats in the provincial legislature occupied by Aubrey Baartman a provincial leader and another by Central Command Team member Mmabatho Mokause.

Nyakama said that his party will also aggressively “confront miners (meaning mine bosses) in massive protests and sit-ins.”

This follows the dismissal of several mineworkers amid allegations of abuse and racism at a manganese mine in Windsorton early this year.

“We also issuing school uniforms to black primary school learners, black students are not getting support from this government”

“We are worried that no black student featured on last years’ top 20 matriculants”

“We will contest all SRC posts at the New Sol Plaatje University including preparing for the local government elections in 2016” added Nyakama

The party also called for the Premier to “dismiss education MEC Grizelda Cjiekella-Lecholo over failing learners with poor results and poor performance and outdated strategic program implementation by the department”  

The party also distanced itself from Mpho Ramakatsa whom they called in a statement “so-called former National Co-ordinator” The province said it recognises the duly elected leadership that emerged at the EFF national assembly in December 2014 and would rally around it.

Meanwhile, Juluis Malema is also due to address communities in Galeshewe soon. The Party also stated that Malema’s visit has nothing to do with the panga incident at its Northern Cape elective assembly where the event was postponed after several people got injured.

Malema recently publicly blamed Ramakatsa for this mayhem

The group reportedly comes from Galeshewe a traditional stronghold of the governing ANC.

Since the 1st Democratic Elections in 1994 no political party is guaranteed to win the provincial elections without Galeshewe.

Reacting to the call, Premier Lucas asked “why do they speak to me through the media?”

That is my response she concluded.

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