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Friday, May 27, 2022
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Bojo Mujo died as EFF member.

Bojo’s fans and friends came to pay tribute at the memorial service which was held at the Library

hall in Tshwane CBD on Friday.

The Association for The Entertainment of South Africa (AESA) and The South African Music Industry Council (SAMIC) also came to pay the respect to Bojo Mujo and the family.

On the 31 January it was a sad day to inform South Africans on the sad passing of the great son of the soil who has made a great contribution in the music industry both locally, nationally and internationally who remained as a resident of the City of Tshwane until the end of his life.

Lillian Maramba who knew Bojo Mujo told Spotlight Newspaper that she is saddened by the passing of Jack Lehlake, “He was a good person with humility. He didn’t regard himself as a celebrity but as an ordinary citizen. He will be dearly missed”

AESA said that Bojo’s contribution to the industry will forever live within them and they hope to erect a memorabilia in the future,

“His music speaks volumes about the kind of impact he has made during and after his life. He will be remembered for keeping South Africa on the dance floor, and for the music industry it’s a great loss to bear but we shall overcome”.Bojo's family members comfort each other at the memorial service, Pic by Seiso Modisenyane.

Bojo Mujo has performed numerously in African continent including Namibia, Angola, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Botswana and Lesotho. He did not only perform in African Countries but also in Australia and Canada.

The library hall was packed of the EFF members who were wearing their regalia and danced to the revolution songs. 

“We are here today to give the support to our member; our musicians must get a shoulder to cry on.  We are going to ensure that we monitor the music industry and all stake holders. Jacky became an active member of the EFF and we are proud of that” said EFF.

Eugene Mthethwa ex Trompies member who is currently the President of SAMIC said that Simba Mhere was given much attention than Bujo Mujo, 

“Bojo Mujo is South African and Simba a Zimbabwean, however I am flabbergasted on how South Africans give Simba so vast attention. Simba got prominence because of the power of TV; I am thrilled that the EFF is taking part in the Music Industry”.

Eugene urged all music artists to unite and give love to one another, “Has one seen a white artist dying poor? No, whites look after each other. We have lost a lot artist from last year, this is a curse and we need to break this down” 

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