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Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Prosper Mkwaiwa also died

Businessman and music promoter Prosper Mkwaiwa has died. It is believed he was on his way to seek medical attention when he died.

Late last year Prosper was involved in a car accident which he had dislocated his jaw and has several other head injuries leading him in a coma but he managed to pull off and have been surviving very well. His car was written off and he was bedridden for several months. After his recovery, he gave an interview to Drum magazine about getting back on his feet, calling his improvement 'miraculous.'

Prosper was with friends including fellow Mpumalanga based businessman, Jacob Mnisi. Mnisi said: “Mkwaiwa was rushed to Bronkhortspruit Hospital after complaining about high fever and he was taken to the hospital. He died on his way to the to seek medical attention," said Mnisi.

Prosper was born in Zimbabwe and relocated to South Africa, where he operated his businesses. Mkwaiwa was traditionally married to musician and socialite Tina Dlangwana and they were undergoing a divorce at the time of his death. He was also married to Tina Jaxa with whom he has two children.

His death comes a day after another TV Star Simba Mhere dying of a car accident, as well as popular house DJ Bojo Mujo.
Prosper was once in a relationship with the controversial singer and actress Kelly Khumalo.

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