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Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Looting in Soweto forced Foreigners to pack and go.

Everything started at Snake Park on Monday after two people had been shot and killed and two others injured. The violence had started between the local Community and Foreigners who own shops in the community. Mthetheleli Siphewe Mahori, 14 years old, was shot and killed, allegedly by a foreign shop owner. Apparently the young

boy was part of a group that tried to rob the shop.

One of the Police Officers in Soweto – Orlando West- told the Spotlight Newspaper that the looting started in the early hours of Monday morning. The officer exclaimed that the situation was out of control and that every time they tried to restore order, another shop would be attacked.“Almost every street has a shop owned by a Foreigner, they attack every shop and come in groups and we can’t be at every shop to protect it. These people are breaking the law and those who have been arrested will face criminal charges”, said the officer.

Some Foreigners closed their shops to prevent the attacks but even though their shops were closed, the looters did their best to break in, even using roofs to enter closed shops. They took everything including: Groceries, cold drinks, furniture and anything else they could find.  Not only were young people involved in the looting, but also mature adults and senior citizens who still have full possession of their faculties.

The South African Police Services came out in numbers which included various special units and the Metro Police, but that was not enough to control the situation. Some community members said that they don’t approve of this behaviour and provide that people who do such things they are evil, illiterate and criminals.

“They just steal from Foreigners because they don’t want to go and work. Whois going to run these shops because none of these people know how to run a business?  Our community will suffer in return because we don’t have shops anymore”- Said an anonymous community member

It is reported that more than seventy people were arrested and unlicensed firearms were recovered after the violence and looting around Soweto. “I believe more people will be arrested because they are continuing”, said a police officer. Another Source who refused to be named said: “Everywhere in Soweto Foreigners were forced out of their shops and their stock and furniture stolen and vandalised”

Most foreignshop owners in Soweto decided to leave and were helped by SAPS officials and were escorted out of Soweto safely.

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