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Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Izinyoka endangers the communities

While a majority of South Africans get their electricity legitimately, some still endanger their own lives by opting for illegal connections.

During December 2014, a few cases of injuries and fatalities due to illegal connections were reported around the country. Eskom is concerned

about these avoidable incidents as they negatively affect families.

An electricity connection is considered illegal when it is made to the Eskom network without Eskom's permission or by anyone other than Eskom's personnel. Such a connection could either be to a mini sub-station or simply connecting to a neighbour's meter or electricity board.

In many cases, such connections end up with dire consequences as they are done recklessly, exposing both children and adults to great risk. In one recent incident, a woman was electrocuted when she touched a washing line which was in contact with a low-hanging illegally connected wire.

Some of the reported incidents, which can at times be fatal, the actual victims in these incidents are not the ones responsible for the illegal connections. This, therefore, makes it clear that it is the joint responsibility to reports such connections as they may affect negatively.

Alex Stramrood, Eskom Corporate Occupation Health and Safety Manager ssaid that safety is a top priority at Eskom and this extends to everyone including the employees, Contractors as well as the general public who use our services,

“We appeal to our communities to help us eliminate hazards brought about by the unsafe use of electricity and illegal connections as we seek to avoid injuries and fatalities. Community members can stay safe by contacting us, as and when they see connections that are exposed or hanging too low and by avoiding touching them altogether," he said.

Illegally connected wires present increased danger to people as they can easily make contact with other items like roofs, gutters and washing lines, making these items live and able to conduct electricity and shock people.

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