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Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Deputy Minister Manamela condemns the Malamulela protest

Deputy Minister in the Presidency for Planning,

Monitoring Buti Manamela has condemned in the strongest terms the disruption of learning, teaching and all forms of education in Malamulele, Limpopo.

The community in Malamulele is literally denying young people their right to education by closing down schools and denying others from registering for their Grade 12 supplementary examinations as part of a protest demanding a new municipality separate from Thulamela.

"It is becoming a trend that the future of our youth is traded for short-term community demands, a gamble which these young people will in the future blame their parents for. We cannot allow any grievance, no matter how strongly we feel about it, to interfere with the education of our children" said Deputy Minister Manamela. 

According to Deputy Minister Manamela parents have the responsibility to inculcate the care of education in their children and not encourage them to stay away from school,

“The closure of schools will have long term ramifications on the development of young people and works directly against the principles outlined in the National Youth Policy 2020” he added. 

Deputy Minister Manamela appeals to the community to allow education to continue until a final decision has been made on the demarcation of the municipalities, a situation which the Minister of COGDA is attending to. 

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