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Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Matriculant blames the pressure.

In January 2015, Equal Education (EE) released its statement on the 2014 matric results, on the statement they congratulated the students, teachers ,schools and the DBE on the matric results of 2014.

In 2014 a total number of 532 860 learners wrote the matric but only a total of 403 874 learners passed, which means that there has been a drop of 2.4 % to 75.8%, but the EE stated that they do not necessarily see this as a decline in the overall quality of education just as they did not take the increases in the previous years to necessarily indicate improvements.

Most students fail matric mainly because of their subject choices in grade 10  and realise later that the subjects they have chosen are not suitable for them and for some it is their lack of understanding of how the questions are structured,

Tshepiso Semake (26) a matric re-writing learner from Tsakane, in the East Rand said that most of the learners get a pressure from their family and community,

 “I think the reason why most of us choose wrong subjects in Grade 10 is that we are constantly reminded that people who take science and pure mathematics are clever so we all want to be clever and flock to science”,

“ I think there should be a system at schools that can detect on which student would be suitable for certain subjects  and society must stop putting unnecessary pressure on matric learners” she said.

The National Senior Certificate indicates whether a learner qualifies to enroll for a bachelors Degree, Diploma or Higher Certificate and according to all matriculants their goal is to qualify for a Bachelors Degree.

 From the 532 860 learners that wrote matric only 150 752 met minimum requirements for Bachelors studied (28.3%) and 166 689 (31.3%) qualified to study for diploma.

 “This is generally a decline from 2013 when 171 755 (30.6%) qualified for a Bachelor degree and 173 292 (30.8) qualified to study for a diploma” said the EE.

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