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Thursday, June 30, 2022
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The worrying truth on drop-out rate

Drop-out rate amongst high school learners has always been a concern in South Africa,

In a recent statement by Equal Education (EE) it was stated that the drop-out rate seems to be rising year-on-year and now is sitting at 50%.

It is reported that the largest drop-out rates are in Grade 10 and 11,

learners start dropping-out as early as grade 2 and it is estimated that out of 10 learners enrolled in grade 1 only 8 will go all the way to grade 7, out of the 8 only 5 will make it to matric.

“In 2010 ,537 543 learners wrote matric and 364 147 (67.8%)passed matric; 10 years earlier in 2000 there were 1 090 765 learners registered in grade 2 taking the drop-out into account we see a cohort pass rate of 33.4%” said the EE.

It is estimated that the drop-out rate is yet to increase dramatically, as seen more and more young people are devoting themselves in the life of crime ,drug & alcohol abuse even promiscuous life styles.

Amongst other factors that contribute to this trait are teenage pregnancy where you find teenage girls still at school falling pregnant and having to leave school to raise their children, lack of financial support,

 “I had my son while I was in grade 10 and there was no other way I had to drop out to take care of the baby a year later I couldn’t go back to school ,the thought of being in the same class with learners younger than me and the teachers mocking me, I just couldn’t go through all the humiliation.” Said a high school drop- out who asked to remain anonymous.

The drop-out rate is higher in township schools than in the former multi-racial schools, out of 10 drop-outs 8 are from township schools,

 Tumelo Mosuma 4th year psychology student conducted a study on drop-out rate amongst learners from township schools. In his research he outlines that most learners in the township lack motivation because they don’t have positive role models,

 “As ugly as it sounds 80% of the people that make it out of the township don’t go back to school. Most learners have the concept that you get your matric certificate, and then one can work at retail outlets. They don’t see beyond iKasi because we are accustomed into thinking that only the lucky few make it out of the township” says Tumelo.

“ As parents we wonder are we really raising a generation of illiterates it is like taking two steps forward and 3 steps back” said a concerned parent. The drop-out rate is very worrying and pauses questions about the future of South Africa, still more can be done.

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