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Thursday, June 30, 2022
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SANRAL’s ex Chairwoman denies her “fake” qualification

Tembakazi Mnyaka, ex chairwoman of South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL), released a press briefing with an aim to set the record straight and clearing her name regarding the various reports on whether or not she have fake qualifications.

Ms Mnyaka confirms that she have real qualifications and had never lied about them, she says she hopes to demystify and remove the artificially created cloud over her head.

“The CV I submitted to SANRAL or elsewhere never claimed that I have completed my Master’s degree, it is abundantly clear as regards the status of my thesis. The CV states very clearly that I had completed my course work and that the only outstanding matter was the dissertation”.

Tembakazi has been recently grouped with those that are alleged to have falsified the academic records, which is one of the growing corruptions in South Africa.

According to the latest findings, people fake their qualifications to get in certain positions but Tembakazi refuse to be mixed with these people as she claims she never lied.

“In my wisdom thought as a champion for good governance and taking accountability instead of seeking to blame whoever compiled the inaccurate report and to preserve my integrity, dignity and brand which I guard jealousy and to avoid further damage to the SANRAL brand the right thing to do was to resign from the board. Clearly good news don’t sell,” said Thembeka.

She says it is regrettable that her noble actions as a responsible and accountable professional who thought was acting in an exemplary manner has now been mired into this degrading and embarrassing situation.

Ms Mnyaka further said that she had been working towards completing her studies, with excitement she says on October 2014, the University of Kwazulu-Natal (UKZN) has confirmed in writing that “Tembakazi Mnyaka has now successfully completed all requirements to be awarded a Master’s degree in Town Planning”.

She further said the graduation ceremony is also confirmed to be held on the 15th of April 2015.

Tembakazi sends her word of thanks to her family and her organisation, the Progressive Professionals Forum (PPF) for their support throughout this ordeal and their insistence on setting the record straight and being a guardian of professionalism and integrity in SA.

Amongst the people she mentions, she also thanked the Minister of Transport for her understanding and support’

“I also applaud and thank the media when it reports factually and the South African population for keeping SA in check to ensure that we maintain the highest standards of integrity in our democratic society,” said Mnyaka.

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