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Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Department of Sports and Recreation has started an inspiring initiative 20 Unite where cyclists, runners and walkers all do it in the name of Tata Madiba also celebrating 20 years of democratic freedom.

The minister of sports and recreation Honourable Fikile "Razzmatazz" Mbalula is passionate 
about this event as he also takes part in cycling and led by example. The event was activated at Ga-Rankuwa sports ground where the race started and ended at the Ga-Rankuwa shopping complex just opposite the sports ground where the department also handed out sports equipment bicycles, javelin, measuring tapes among other equipment’s to the local cycling team.

The race took about 34 km with more than 4 water spots.

As he addressed the participants and the audience the minister said: “Cycling is an expensive and important sport, the department will not rest until the roads are safe for cyclists, runners and walkers.'
He also asked the road users to please give cyclists, runners and walkers a chance and to stop hooting as if they are doing something wrong. The department will also try to create lanes for cyclists so that they can enjoy their freedom"

He was very excited to take part in the race and applaud the organizers for the great job and thanked the participants for a great attendance.

He also highlighted the main event following this activation event which will be held at Union Building on the 22nd November 2014 where Tshwane will be shut down as all the lanes will be used for this event. Cyclists will cycle for 67 km, first prize will be R250 000, second prize will be R150 000, and the third to the tenth prize will be R40 000.The rest of the participants will get different medals.
Other activities will be 27 km race for Tata's time in prison for all of the South Africans, 20 km race for 20 years of Tata's sacrifice, 9.4 km walk for Tata's 94 years unbroken record and 5km for 5 years of Tata's excellent presidency where he joined all South Africans, all races through sports and healthy living among other things.

Registration for all of these events is opened, and participants sign up online

Registration Fees: 67km Cycle: R250, 27km Run: R70, 9.4km Run: R50 and 5km Fun Walk: R40

Participants can register through their clubs - it’s important to register online as soon as possible to secure a place in the starting line. In closure the minister said more than 25 000 people are expected to participate in this event, he cannot wait for this event, to see all South Africans united and all from across the world in name of Nelson Mandela.

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