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Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Granny Thabakhubedu celebrates her 105 birthday!

The people of Thabakhubedu village, Limpopo, came in numbers on Saturday to witness the celebration that was dubbed ' Koko waThabakhubedu', meaning the granny of Thabakhubedu. Said Matseke.

Granny Thabakhubedu is a mother of 3 children, 16 grand children and 87 great-great grand children was born in 1909. Her son Nki Matseke (65), praised his mother for being there for him when life was tough.

 “My mother was very protective for me during apartheid, she wouldn't allow you to go out unsupervised", she was a beacon of hope to the destitute in the village" he said.

Matseke said that it was a respect and good living that preserved her memory and eyesight. "I eat healthy food, and I don't smoke or drink; I respect everybody" she explained.

 Her grandchild, Selape Matseke (33), described her as a jack of all trades, "Koko (granny) was very strict and disciplined'', he said.” She literally taught me how to herd cattles and other livestock", he explained.

Grandchild, Phore Matseke (36), described her as tough person. “She is very tough and always willing to learn and do things for herself", he said. "Before she got her wheel chair, she would refuse to be helped; instead she would crawl to get something"

Another great-grand child, Modise Matseke (33), describes her as a root. "Granny is the root of this great family; we are here in numbers, and she remembers all of us", he said. "It shocks me that she knows the names of other children born around this village at her age", he explained.

Granny Thabakhubedu cried when the family sung for her.

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