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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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Time for change in rural areas!

Many communities in rural areas have cried for years for 'change' to be brought onto them as promised by the government. However, for their problems to be into change they get worse.

Most families rather choose to survive through fruits and vegetables plantations, which they will sell to get money to take care of their needs. However, to some the situation is so bad that they only survive themselves by the social grants and pension funds that they receive from the government of which they are so grateful of.

The Spotlight spoke to one of

the families at Mtubatuba area, in KwaZulu-Natal, due to what they as a community thinks the government should do to make employment available to them,

“Well I think that if the government can at least build a training centre in our community which will use, it might help many of us and also for the government to allow big companies to locate at places close to us. So by that we know that when they seek for employees to employ in their companies, they might look at our community training centers", said Sibongile Gcabashe.

Sibongile believes that perhaps the rate of crime will decrease due to the fact that if employment will be made available to everyone poverty can be defeated.

However, their problems may have come to an end as Mr. Eddie Makue, the Chairperson of the Select Committee on International Relations and Trade said that economic development should be made meaningful to those people living in rural areas.

Mr. Makue believes that this will be the only way for South Africa to beat poverty, migration and challenges associated on the urban landscape,

“Meaningful programs that will empower citizens should be implemented in rural towns. Ordinary people from the most rural districts of our country should experience economic development, through establishing sustainable and employment by creating projects in their localities", he said.  

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