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Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Afrikaans children's gay marriage picture book

The bestselling children's book with a gay marriage "The Princes and The Treasure" has just been released in an Afrikaans version titled "Die Prinse en die skat".

The English version of the book has

sold over the world; it has received critical acclaim, and has been adopted by major public libraries in the United States and Canada.

“There was a great demand for an Afrikaans version. This version was to be published mid- year in 2015, but due to such demand that the release date was moved up to now”, said Jerry A. Miles, the author of the book.

The book tells the story of two handsome princes who go on a quest to save a princess, but fall in love with each other, get married and live happily ever after.

"With the progress of same sex marriage, I wanted young and old alike to be able to read a fairy tale story that included same sex marriage”, said Mr Miles.

The book is now available in both hardcover and electronic formats. It can be purchased from all bookstores and from all online retailers.

This book has been translated into twenty four (24) languages, and still working diligently to publish the rest of the translation as soon as possible.

Spotlight newspaper asked the public’s view on this children book, I am totally against this, the bible does not agree with such thing so why do we promote it? In other works we are teaching these children to grow up like this," said Lungile Mkhwanazi who is under the Christian religion.

Njabulo Maphumulo who is proudly gay said "This teaches children not to judge us but grow up knowing that we exist and show love and compassion towards everyone in this situation".

According to the author, the children love this book he said all of the kids who have read the story don't find it unusual that the two characters happen to be two men, " Kids realize that love can happen between two people regardless of the couple’s gender”, said the Mr Miles.

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