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Thursday, June 30, 2022
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KZN Premier fights against fraud and corruption

KwaZulu-Natal Premier Senzo Mchunu had warned that fraud and corruption has potential to collapse government if nothing was done to root out this scourge from government and society as a whole.

In a meeting held at Cedara outside Pietermaritzburg, the Premier convened this meeting to allow heads of Departments, Chief Financial Official and supply chain

manger to account for the failure of their respective departments to achieve clean audits. In the 2012/13 year alone, 708 civil servants were reported to the police for fraud and corruption. The total number of money involved is more than R30 million (R30 832 553).

Premier Mchunu said fighting corruption is about the restoration of the integrity government, "We need to act urgently because fraud and corruption have a potential to cause a massive drain on resources, undermine service delivery and causes our democracy to flow under," said Mchunu.

He further said that corruption is clearly different from the apartheid regime, unlike apartheid government which did not speak openly about it,

“There was no will on the part of the apartheid government to deal with this scourge, but ours is a government declaring war openly against corruption and invite the public to join the fight”.

Mpimpa and Sukuma Sakhe hotlines were created for the public to report cases of fraud.” We have appointed the ombudsperson whose role is to deal with complaints related to poor service rendered by government. The supply chain management is an area that is open to corrupt practices such as bribery and fraud, said Premier Mchunu.

He added that criminality in the awarding of tenders must land and those involved in prison, “It should be emphasised that bribery and fraud in the awarding of tenders involves both state employees and the private suppliers. There is integrated Management Unit whose responsibility is to promote and encourage ethical behaviour in the public service under the campaign 'I DO RIGHT' even when nobody is watching”.

“We have invited Journalists this meeting so that they can inform the public about this matter.The public is urged to respond and give reasons around the performance of the departments to see if they are any changes to this”, he said.

To report fraud a d corruption please call Mpimpa hotline on 086 221 1010 or sukuma sakhe 0800 596 596.

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