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Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Deserted daughter still climbs higher

“They said I should know that if I go back to Mochudi I will never be their child and they will not take care of me. I succeeded and got a place at Molefi senior." 

Phatsimo Dithero Kgosiemang (20)

from Mochudi village, boseja ward in Botswana has been abandoned since her childhood.

Phatsimo is currently studying in University of Botswana in Gaborone. From her childhood she never knew her biological parents. Phatsimo’s biological mother Gerniffer Kgosiemang abandoned her at seven months and moved to South Africa and never came back until to date.

“She left me with my siblings, grandmother, grandfather and other relatives. My grandmother passed on when I was five years old and I grew up staying with my grandfather, my sister and brother. Life was very tough especially when I started primary school because my grandfather was very old and unemployed as a result we ended up getting help from the social services department”,

“When I was doing standard five (Grade 7), my grandfather passed on too and we were left alone. At that time, my aunt and two of the uncles were not staying in Mochudi. My brother had to leave school in order to take care of us. My sister got pregnant, had complications and died when I was doing standard six (Grade 8)”, she said.

 Five months after her grandfathers funeral, her aunt had to move from Gaborone to Mochudi to stay with them. A year later after her sister’s death, she moved to stay with her brother’s father in Gaborone,

“I was told that he was my father, and I accepted him as my father. He was married. I attended middle school staying with his family. When I was in high school at Gaborone Senior School, I learned from his wife that the man was not my biological father”,

“She used to call me names until the time I decided to come back to Mochudi and finish the school at Molefi senior school. When I informed them about my decision, they said I should know that if I go back to Mochudi I will never be their child and they will not take care of me. I succeeded and got a place at Molefi School. Life was tough; I struggled with school uniform, and slept on an empty stomach”.

Phatsimo got assistance from her junior school teachers. They contributed some money to buy her school uniform, and at that time she was hopeless and wanted to leave school. She later found accommodation at the school as she claims that her aunt abused her emotionally. According to her she said that contributed to poor performance in her academic work.

“Through my life journey, I got information about my biological father that he was from Sikwane. I was very angry because I did not understand why my relatives gave me to a stranger claiming that he was my father”,

“I suffered in Molefi hostels and none of my relatives cared for me, not even my brother. I went for several counselling sessions with different counsellors it did not help. I changed my mindset and focused on my life, I tried all my best in school and I excelled in my high school with flying colours and I am now doing my3rd year Bachelors degree in Guidance and Counselling at University of Botswana”. She said

The deserted daughter would like to urge the youth out there who went through child neglect or child abandonment that they can make their life a success,

“ it’s upon an individual to make wise decision on what they want about their future, your future is in your hands, instead of being miserable seek to cultivate it and enjoy life. I used to cover myself with the blankets the whole day and cry. make wise decisions while you still can life is about making choices, whatever choice you make it determines your future...choose wise and enjoy life”, said Phatsimo.

 Phatshimo hasn’t found her mother yet; she said that she doesn’t know anything about her and that she trusts the Lord on the matter.

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