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Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Two siblings die after eating at school

Two young girls died on Thursday after eating food from a state feeding scheme at a primary school in Winterveldt, north of Pretoria.

The pupils, aged 6 and 8, died at a clinic near the Ema Primary School in Winterveldt after being rushed there when they fell sick.

 Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi on Friday visited the school and the family as an investigation into what happened to the cause of the death.

It is alleged that their death was caused by food from a feeding scheme funded by the provincial education department.

 Their father Klaas Mahlangu also known as “Tiger Sgandaf” said his daughters were given the meal yesterday, “I was on my way from a meeting in town when I received this sad news”

“I was then called to the school only to find that my kids had been taken to a clinic where they later died. I don’t know what has happened and nobody knows, he said”

Puleng Maseko (30) a resident, said that she couldn’t believe after hearing the bad news,” my child came home after school to tell me this horrifying news; I felt sad and didn’t believe. I don’t trust this school anymore and I am willing to take out my child from this school”,

“The advice that I can tell the parents is that this school isn’t safe at all, there are a lot of things happening at this school. The principal is a disaster, she doesn’t respect the parents. Every time when we have parents meeting at the school, she would tell us that she won’t answer some questions. The principal doesn’t consider the parents at all “she said.

MEC Lesufi was also left in shock.

MEC told Spotlight that the food that kids eat must be checked before,” we feed 1100 kids at this school, I am assuring that those who are responsible for this will give answers, this is not normal. I’m saddened and don’t have words to describe this. We feed 1.3million kids at schools everyday and we haven’t heard such incident like this, I will investigate this.”

“I have appointed an investigative team to come here, I need evidence, and the parents confirmed that this might have been poisoned by someone” he said.

Spotlight was not successful to get comments from the school’s head-master, as the security officer refused Spotlight team to gain entrance in to the school premises. 

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