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Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Protect the children, save a nation.

Cases of child abuse are seen daily being it physical, verbal even sexual abuse, recent statistics show that 5 out of 7 children are abused by their parent figures or people they know.

In 2009 alone a total of 1018 child homicides were recorded across South Africa ,454 of these homicides  were fatal child abuse cases. Rape cases dominate the abuse list but half the time they are not reported they are kept on a low profile in aims of “protecting” the child’s reputation.

The most terrifying story is that of two toddler girls aged two (2)

and three (3) in Diepsloot who were kidnapped, raped then were killed and dumped in the neighbourhood public toilet, after that devastating tragedy the South African Police Services (SAPS) made a promise to “up their game”.

 Another child in Cape Town was raped and allegedly the suspect set fire on her she later died at the hospital, most recent one was on the 11th of August 2014 when a four (4) year old boy was killed after being dragged outside a highjacked car in Reiger Park (Boksburg).

 “I often wonder what goes on the minds of these people who do such things to children, it is becoming worse by the day, as a religious person I feel like there is a higher power that’s taking over we need to pray about this” said Pastor Dlamini of Glory Of God Church.

After residents of Diepsloot found the murdered toddlers, they wanted the suspect dead. “obvious after doing such a thing you need to be punished and the police don’t do their work they take these people then we see them roaming around our streets to molests our kids  again so they have no use of living” said Thulisile Nkosi a resident at Kwa-Thema.

Report compiled by childlines states that most children don’t even know that they have rights , “while National Children’s day is a good opportunity to raise awareness of children’s rights it must be emphasised that children’s issues occur 365 days of the year” said Cheryl Morilly (childline manager at the Wynberg office) at a Children’s day event.

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