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Thursday, October 22, 2020
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New two books to enlighten the municipality

The City of Tshwane launched two books on Thursday, at Sheraton hotel in Tshwane.

These two books are titled “How to build transit oriented cities” and “From housing to settlement”.

The dignitaries who have attended the launch were; Tshwane Executive Mayor Mr Kgosientso Ramokgopa, Independent Consultant and International Speaker, Ms Rehana Moosajee, Housing and Urban Development Practitioner in the Community, NGO and Public pheres Monty Narsoo,

City of Tshwane executive director of transport infrastructure planning Mr Pheko Letlonkane ,Mr Geoffrey Bickford - a researcher at SACN and managing the public transport, Ms Stacey Leigh Joseph - a built environment programme practitioner at SACN .

 Ms Rehana Moosajee and her team explained the roles of each book in making the City Of Tshwane a better place for its inhabitants.

Ms Moosajee and her team established the transport logistics in the city of Johannesburg and were responsible for overseeing the 2009 FIFA Confederation Cup and the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

In introducing the contents of the respective books, Ms Moosajee - touched on the issue of how the government can improve what is happening on the informal settlement transport in order to create a safe, efficient, reliable and affordable transport system.

"Public transport users are muted and that needs to be addressed properly" she said

Meanwhile Mr Narsoo added that the reason for these books was the fact that certain issues were to be handled,

“How can the government make these cities so that the user, being the people who make these cities, can enjoy the benefit and also how these cities are governed?"

He further said, “There have been great innovations and positive results from what the government has done but cannot be left out the fact that there have also been policy gaps in responsive management and the capacity to manage".

Some of the content in the published books were;

"How does the government deal with the environment in terms of infrastructure and ensure that the rules are enforced?”

 SANC researcher Mr Bickford said that transport issue is not just a transport problem but everybody's business and needs to be approached not one dimensional,

"There are positive achievements that are currently in operation, like Gautrain and BRT”. He said.

A recent survey, however, has indicated that the mini bus taxi industry is a dominant carrier of the public and it shows that it will still be in the foreseeable future.

"The government still needs to find meaningful ways to engage the mini bus taxi industry in order to get system to run with operational",

 "The use of technology like GPS, electronic ticketing and passenger counting, will benefit the public and this will improve the service".

“Transport is a means to an end, a major land use problem and the aim is to move from private vehicles to efficiently operating transport system.” said Mr Bickford.

 Ms Stacey Leigh Joseph - a built environment programme practitioner at SACN said that the two books are not giving answers instead,

"These books are not giving answers instead they bring out and open up great debates and conversations on how these challenges can be tackled. The books also consists of implementations, positives that can be taken on and ask questions like 'How do we define issues not only in policy but also in practice?,

"The reasons for these publications are to try by looking at the issues in a local government perspective and to unpack these issues by dealing with them". She said

SACN is responsible for the state of cities report, City of Tshwane being one of the largest municipalities that forms part of the SACN.

The City's report will be released in March 2016, this consists the research of the municipalities that fall under SACN and whereby the major issues are transport and land usage management.

The Executive Mayor Mr Ramokgopa thanked the SACN team as well as the panel that contributed to the books,

“Strong leadership is needed to implement such high magnitude projects in creating a post-apartheid city to serve people better,  there is a need to create a kinetic city, which will always be in motion, creating and providing employment - economic opportunities and create new corridors to the public." He said.


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