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Friday, May 27, 2022
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They died seeking the Kingdom!

Divine intervention is what keeps most people going. Thousands fly to Nigeria to seek spiritual healing from Pastor TB Joshua, who has made a name for himself as a TV evangelist and has gained a following all over the world.

South Africa came to a stand still when President Jacob Zuma announced that atleast 67 South Africans were killed when pastor TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church Ghuests House of all nations came crumbling down in Lagos ,Nigeria last week.

Most family members of the people who flew to Nigeria to attend the Pastors services are still in the dark on the whereabouts of their loved ones. These victims went to seek blessings, healing and upliftment but instead death creped in like the thief in the night and attacked them in a holly place.

It’s amazing how many people attended the pastors church even South Africa’s Julius Malema had visited the church prior elections. TB Joshua has been said to perform miracles and most popular are his prophecies that seem to have came true, he prophesied the Malaysian Airline crash months before it happened.

 “If this pastor was so high and mighty why wasn’t he able to predict the collapse of the building ,nowadays anyone can be a pastor, all you need are personalised bottles and oil then you are a pastor” said a member of the community of Tsakane (Ekurhuleni) .

What really caused the collapse is not confirmed yet but the pastor has his own theory on the cause and blames it on a “mystery aircraft” he had CCTV footage to prove his theory. In the footage apparently from opposite the vast church compound, what is described as an aircraft is seen over the building four times; 12.30 pm, 12.43pm and 12.45pm.

 The uncompleted building is seen collapse at 2.44pm throwing up a huge dust into the air after the collapse the “strange” aircraft doesn’t return. Ibrahim Farinloyeh rejects the Pastors theory of sabotage and said extra floors were being added without changing the foundation, “If it was an act of terrorism or sabotage, it would have gone into rubble” said Ibrahim.

Although Nigeria’s emergency management agency clearly states that they don’t believe the collapse was a plan of sabotage, the Synagogue maintains that the aircrafts had everything to do with the collapse.

The church could be rebuilt and brand TB Joshua will survive, fact remains that people’s lives were lost all in the name of seeking the glory, blessings and miracles.     


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