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Friday, May 27, 2022
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Numerous RDP houses have been abandoned in Winterveldt; North of Tshwane, leaving the community members clueless about the development. 

A government housing  subsidy is a grant provided by the government for the housing purposes, the government does not give cash to the beneficiaries, the grant is used for the housing only.

The Reconstruction Development Programme is currently unable to complete the project since 2010 due to various factors including water and electricity. According to Deputy Chief Whip and Winterveldt ward 19 councillor Lenda Kwenda, said that the reason behind the stagnant of the project is caused by the tenants,

 “Most of the house owners who benefited from their RDP houses do not demolish their houses after the relocations, they tend to seek for tenants to rent in their old houses and it becomes a major problem for us to identify the right beneficiaries’’ she said.

 Some of the residents decided to illegally occupy themselves in to some finished houses, Winnie Radebe (30) an evicted resident from an RDP house told Spotlight that she has five kids and they all live in a two- roomed house,

 “I decided to occupy myself in to an RDP houses because I cannot bear this struggle of living in a dilapidated mud house, every time when it rains I get terrified that the house might just fall apart, kill  and leave us homeless ’’   

The Gauteng department of local government and housing evicted at least  51 families on March 2013  who had illegally allocated themselves in to RDP houses  in Winterveldt , the government was granted an eviction order by the North Gauteng High Court to remove illegal occupants from the houses.

 William Seshego (48) a resident from Winterveldt said that the councillor does not care about them, she only cares about her luxury life, “We are struggling so much and we cannot afford to buy houses, but still we are not assisted. I have applied for an RDP house since 2002 and there is no success for me. Our councillor drives fancy cars and neglect us like hot potatoes ‘’

 The 69 year old township of Winterveldt became the fourth urban township renewal project undertaken by the Gauteng Provincial Government.

 “We do gather meetings with the community to inform them about the projects that are in process and listen to their demands because the community members are very significant to us ‘’ said Ms Kwenda.

 There are beneficiaries who have been allocated since 2010 to their completed RDP houses; however some residents who feel that they have been left behind, they continued with illegally allocation in to incomplete RDP houses by carrying out a plan in these houses on their own by erecting doors, windows and roofs.

Mr Mashego said “Our lives are in danger in Winter- season because criminals hide themselves in these houses, when we pass through here on our way to work, we are confronted by criminals that hide and rob us ’’. 

Infrastructure vandalism becomes another huge problem to cause the project to stagnate; according to Mr Mashego the main reason for vandalism is the expression to enlighten the government about the community concerns.

 “We are very tired to be ignored and if the councillor herself does not act up to ensure that all houses are complete, there will be more slowness of RDP houses completion ‘’ He said.

The ward councillor confirmed that together with her team has identified out the problems and had called the meeting with the government officials.

 Gauteng Housing Spokesman Motsamai Motlhaolwa was not available for comments as he did not respond to the emails which were sent to him by Spotlight.


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