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Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Tshwane North College on strike

The learning process had to be disturbed at Tshwane North College in Soshanguve following a massive strike held by student demanding their bursaries to be issued as soon as possible.

More surprisingly enough is the fact that in not more than a month’s time these students will be sitting for their final examination yet now they are out in the streets. Working had to stand still at the college after the Students Representative Committee (SRC) decided to lock all the residence and forced other students to join the strike.  They sang evolutional songs; blocked the road and entered the College premises carrying stones, burning tires and dustbins.

Security officers working at the college were forced to leave the college’s premises by furious students promising to stone them, they even moved further on the nearby passing road where they continued to put big stones and off-loading rubbish on the road. Traffic was disturbed and forced to use other alternatives to pass, however Police officers were there to monitor the situation with an eye of an eagle.

Spotlight news approached one of the students who preferred to be anonymous in fear of his identity said they will not go back to classes until their matters were resolved, “We are striking for our allowances, which is R500 per month for meals and R500 per month for transport. Since from 2012 the management has been promising us but nothing has happened. Every year we sign bursary forms indicating that we have to get money but no one has received anything and at this time of the year what do they think we are eating, they are actually not taking us serious at all,” said anonymous student.

Protesters promised to go on with the strike until their matters are resolved; they said that they want the intervention of the minister of higher education in this matter since it looks like the College’s management pours them with cold water on the matter.

  “About five members of the college’s management decided to take leave as a way of ignoring our grievances. We are aware that our college will be used as one of the voting station for the 2014 upcoming elections and we’ll ensure that this will not happen until our demands are met,” said one of the students.

Spotlight made numerous efforts to get comments from the college’s management which was unsuccessful since they were nowhere to be found on the time we were compiling the report.


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