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Friday, May 27, 2022
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The Mzansi’s gay couple that made history after their gay traditional wedding in Kwazulu-Natal, last year, claim to have a fabulous marriage. Tshepo (28) and Thoba Sithole- Modisane (28) residing in Johannesburg, grabbed the local and international media during their bizarre wedding. 

Tshepo and Thoba celebrating their one year anniversary overseas

Tshepo was born and bred in the Eastrand of Johannesburg in springs. He has a brother and a sister as his siblings, his mother is based in Springs east of Johannesburg and his father has passed on. He is a qualified audit professional and currently works as an Audit Manager for the Auditor General of South Africa, Head-office based in Pretoria.

Thoba’s husband considers himself as a driven young man who is passionate and has a zest for life. Tshepo still wants to climb the corporate ladder, career driven and probably sees himself as the future Auditor-General of South Africa and heading up this organization.

 “At times I can be a control freak and can be very pedantic about how I want things to be done. I don’t drink, smoke and don’t like partying much, however I don’t like mind partying now and again. I like to read and enjoying writing as well, also a keen interest in politics. I regard myself as an activist and want to champion the cause for gay rights in South Africa and across the African continent”.

“I believe the best way to model to be an activist is to lead by actions and living your life as you would like other people to see it. Most importantly I wish to dispel some of the myths that people have about homosexuals and how people perceive a homosexual lifestyle and behavior,” he said.

Tshepo told Spotlight news that he can be impatient at times when things do not go the way he wants them to go. “I want to make a difference to this world in any small way that I possibly can. I detest people who lack ambition and are not driven. I like to get and see things done as fast as possible and very much goal orientated. I hope that my marriage with Thoba will grow from strength to strength and would like to see my family grow and looking forward to having my own baby one day,” he said.

Thoba was born and bred in a small town called Stanger now commonly known as KwaDukuza north of Kwazulu-Natal. He grew up in Shakaville location which was named after King Shaka and few kilometers away from his homestead is the place where King Shaka used to drink water and also where he was buried and now known as King Shaka’s Grave.

 He is a deep rural Zulu man who love and respect his culture, Thoba’s mom is Lindiwe Dladla and she is based in KwaMapumulo which is in the North of Zululand.Tshepo’s husband is a qualified IT technician and currently works for ISP Company at the IT Technical Department based in Sandton. He has ventured into a new field and registered at the University of South Africa (UNISA) and studying towards a Law degree.

“I was raised by my grandmother for most of my life and I am fond of her, I enjoy my own space and love partying as well. I have a calm personality and at times can be shy when I am not familiar with the surroundings. I am happy to be married to my husband and I love him to bits. I always do my best to make him happy which includes cooking for their home,” he said. 

The couple tied the knot where they left Africans in shock during their Tswana and Zulu traditional wedding in Kwazulu Natal last year. It is with no doubt to see that this couple was meant to be lovers as they were both born on the same month and year, only eighteen days apart on the month of August.

Thoba said that he enjoys the outdoors and doing some adventure, He also love going to church to praise and worship God, he further said that he always strives to be a better person and this includes achieving his ultimate goals for the future,

 “I see myself as a family man and look forward to the day when God blesses us with a child; we plan to have a child through surrogacy. I have a loving spirit, a humble soul and sensitive heart,” he said.

The couple met each other at a gym; they were first gym partners then formed a relationship after they were gym partners. Thoba calls Tshepo “Sexy Timon” And Tshepo calls him “Sweedie Mabhebeza”

“No one plays the father role. We are both men and we love each other. We support each other where we can” said Thoba.

 When asked on how did the idea of traditional wedding came about and why was is it necessary to do that, Tshepo said, “ We wanted to celebrate our culture and be proud of who we are and celebrating our Setswana and Zulu roots hence we had a Tswana and Zulu traditional wedding. Gay life is okay, it can’t be better since there are still pockets of homophobia in our country especially those who live in the townships”

“Life in South Africa was going to be bad if there were no Gay Rights and be a nightmare like it currently is in other African countries where homosexuals are persecuted and some even killed for being gay or lesbian”.

Thoba’s husband told Spotlight news that the love that they share keeps them to grow stronger and stronger each day and that they are learning more about each other and appreciating their strengths and weaknesses.

“Being married is amazing, wonderful, a blessing we couldn’t have imagined. God has blessed our marriage greatly; we maintain our relationship by respecting each other and loving each other. We grow tenaciously each day by learning to support one another. Our families are there for us, they were there during our wedding celebrating and proud of us when we got married” he said.

According to Thoba Sithole-Modisane sharing his waking moment with his husband Tshepo, only intensifies the joys and triumphs, “Being married has been amazing and we have learned to grow in loving one another. The past year has been magical for the both of us as we have done a lot together”

“We have travelled the world and being on a romantic getaway locally as a married couple has been amazing, we are growing in knowing each other. We tackle challenges together as a couple. No, we don’t fight but rather sit each other down and talk about matters like matured human beings”

“We don’t have any regrets being public about our marriage. We allowed other people to see and learn from us; that you can be gay, in love and still be proud of who you and not be ashamed of your sexuality. We have never been discriminated before and after our marriage”

“My husband and I always walk in public like malls holding hands, people still look at us differently but we will not live our life based on other people expectations. We are not affected at all by public comments. People will always have an opinion but we don’t let or allow people to derail us from the vows that we shared with one another,” he said.

The couple celebrated their glitz and glamour one year anniversary by travelling the world in the beginning of April 2014; they were on their anniversary holiday for two weeks.  Tshepo and Thoba Sithole-Modisane first headed to Frankfurt, (Germany).

“The weather in Germany was not as cold as we had expected it to be. We then took off using Air Canada en-route to Montreal. That was a very long flight as well and we spent most of the time sleeping in the flight. We arrived in Montreal and the whole area was white and covered in snow. The place was extremely with temperature below -10 degree Celsius”

“ We arrived in Montreal and on the first night we were just too tired of being in a flight and also we had to adjust to the six hour time difference, The next day when we woke up we had breakfast and went shopping as we had a black tie cocktail that evening. We attended the opening of a film festival and we enjoyed watching the movies that were showcased there. We explored the place as much as we possibly could. During our stay in Canada, we went to the art gallery, visited a variety of malls, the carnival and the beautiful Old Church buildings”

“In Quebec, where we were staying we noted that the place was typical of a European French City; we also had to adjust to the language barrier as majority of the people in Montreal were French speaking. We went to a few clubs and partied away while we were there. The trip was awesome as we met so many wonderful people and connected with new friends as well. Some of them will be coming over to South Africa to visit us as well in the near future”

“When we returned back after a weeklong stay in Canada (Montreal) we then took flights to London (UK) from Canada. Our next destination before landing back in South Africa was London where we toured the country. And we missed the beautiful warm weather that we enjoy here in South Africa,” they said.

The couple do not abandon the beauty of Mzansi as they headed away to enjoy themselves at the Nature Reserve Holiday in the North West at Hartbeespoort last year.

“The main objective of this trip to the Nature Reserve in the North West was that we wanted the trip to be romantic, adventurous and memorable this happened last year in December. We wanted to break away from the hustle and bustle of city life and be out enjoying nature for a rejuvenating and relaxing holiday”

“On our first night we arrived at the Aloe Boutique Hotel, during our arrival we were treated to a bottle of sparkling wine, rose petals and candles in our room to kick start our holiday. We then enjoyed a delicious meal by candle light on the balcony while overlooking the mountain.

“After we had our dinner we were tired and decided to treat ourselves with a Jacuzzi jet spa bath. The evening ended well and it was very romantic for the both of us. The next morning we were woken up by our masseuse to give us a full body 60min relaxing Swedish couple massage”

“After having a scrumptious full English breakfast we were headed to the Snake & Animal Park, that is where we got to see a great variety of species including lions, tigers, and other big cats, as well as chimpanzees and other primates, hyenas, wild dogs, otters, birds and reptiles. We took a few of pictures of that experience as well”

“We also went on a Royal Cruise boat; this was very much relaxing as we got to travel around the dam. Our day ended back at in our hotel room where we enjoyed our dinner and a Jacuzzi jet spa bath”

“During our holiday trip we went to mountain climbing, we also enjoyed a return trip up the aerial cableway with breath taking views over the splendor of the dam in the North West. Thereafter to complete our trip on top of the mountain we go to experience a bit of paragliding. This is something which we had never done before but an adventure worth embarking upon. Overall, this was an enjoyable holiday and looking forward to going to more trips like this in the near future” said the happily gay couple.

Tshepo Sithole-Modisane told Spotlight news that he disputes the speculations about their dying marriage and that they were alerted by the reports on tabloid newspapers on Sunday.

“They came as a shock to us and we know nothing about them, these reports were malicious and nothing but a fabrication of lies and devoid of the truth. We are a happily married couple excited about the future and we have no plans of ever getting divorced”

“Furthermore, we were overseas celebrating our one year anniversary when these tabloid papers were alleging that we were fighting and that I was in hospital, which is not true. People should be proud of their identity, not be afraid to show emotions and their real true self. The worst thing that one can do to themselves is hide their true identity and live a lie,” he said.

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