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Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Cameroonian Born Lorine Chia releases "Let Me Fly," the first single off her upcoming EP Sweet Noise

Lorine Chia releases "Let Me Fly," the first single off her upcoming EPSweet Noise

"Past releases from Chia relied heavily on soulful production paired perfectly with her raspy, bluesy vocals—"Let Me Fly" is no different, but only a peek into her progression as an artist."

  "The single cover basically explains it all. Super heroine songstress Lorine Chia takes some time off from saving the day with her power of music ya know? Sometimes I wish I could just get up and fly away alone without my phone or a worry in the world. I think I might have to do that one day. This EP Sweet Noiseis all about getting away from those recurring stresses that come with life, making dreams come true and just being happy - finally things I'm starting to do in my life right now."

~Lorine Chia 

(Los Angeles, California - November 10, 2014)21-year-old Cameroonian-born, Los Angeles-based singer/ rapper/ songwriterLorine Chiamay have taken the long and winding road to her luminous destiny. But soon the world will know her name upon the release of her eclectic and highly anticipated EP Sweet Noise produced by Rami Beatz (Kid Cudi, Big Sean, Juicy J). Her deep, velveteen vocals have been praised by top media outlets and her contribution to her collaboration with Bad Boy/ Interscope artist Machine Gun Kelly has been called “fabulously rich” by Rolling Stone.Her collaboration with Chance The Rapper was nothingshort of spectacular. It’s apparent that before all’s said and done, Lorine Chia will be one of the most vaunted artists of 2015.

Now with her newest sonic endeavor, Lorine seeks to recapture the magic of her debut while still forging new ground. The new EP features three tracks that find her collaborating with Los Angeles-based producer Rami Beatz (Kid Cudi, Big Sean, Juicy J) and stretching out in a more mature headspace.

The result is a breathtaking collection of tracks that feature a bevy of live instrumentation and lyricism that embodies a pure intention and evokes a sincerity that is indicative of Lorine’s immense aforementioned growth. The confluence of these factors is evidenced on the first single “Let Me Fly," a buoyant tune that finds Lorine shedding her despair over a bed of muted trumpets and syncopated drums. Most impressive here is Lorine’s vocal range, where she steeps into a silky alto conjuring images of the iconic Andre 3000.

Exclusively managed by Phillana Williams, the mastermind behind the careers of R&B superstars such as Ciara and Grammy-winning recording artist Miguel, Lorine is undoubtedly on a trajectory to widespread acclaim and success.Interestingly enough, a monster release by one of hip-hop’s most influential figures also had most people thinking she’d landed the guest feature of a lifetime. “Blood On The Leaves,” a track from Kanye West’s genre-bending 2013 opusYeezus,featured a Nina Simone sample that bore a resemblance to Lorine’s unique vocal style and texture. Though Lorine didn’t collaborate with West, the case of mistaken identity segued into a windfall of attention for her 2012 sophomore albumNaked Truth. Fader Magazine wrote a sparkling feature story on Lorine in their issue 90, remarking that they were “so hooked on”Naked Truth. That same year, Lorine was dubbed Artist of  The Week by Coca-Cola. Describing her as “sassy and soulful” and “as star for the future,” she was the subject of a feature story on Coca-Cola’s website. In early 2014, Lorine was prominently featured on the euphoric dance track “Good Time” featuring fellow Cleveland denizens DJ E-V and Bad Boy/ Interscope recording artist Machine Gun Kelly.

But for now, her sights are set on converting her past tribulations into triumph, starting with her new EP. While she’s aware of the rivers she’s had to cross and the struggles she’s overcome, she has gained clarity about their purpose and inherent value. And now more than ever, she understands that they’re responsible for the radiant star she’s bound to evolve into.

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