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Sunday, April 18, 2021
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From rags to riches

Zakhele Nxumalo “Masheleni” is making his mark in the music industry claiming his title as the new minister of Kwaito.

Like most people this 28 year old has his story to tell and has his own mark to make, being the first born child of Mr. and Mrs. Nxumalo Zakhele felt the need to set an example for his siblings he just had to pave a way for them.

With nothing but his talent he took off to this place he had been hearing about called “Egoli” (Johannesburg) where everything happens a place where dreams are made real, he didn’t know that the place could be a nightmare; “ people who have been there for long will tell you that Jozi is not for the faint hearted” he said.

For Masheleni the problem was not getting lost in the big city but he was concerned about not loosing himself, his identity as “Indoda yom’Zulu” (Zulu man). It was not long until he saw that life in Jozi was harder than he thought,

  “When I came here in 2003 the aim was to study and push my music career but things didn’t go my way, I found myself extremely broke and homeless for three (3) long years it felt like a lifetime. But my faith and hustle didn’t go in vain things worked out eventually” says Masheleni.

Zakhele is amongst other titles a father to his (6 )year old daughter (Sinothando Nxumalo) “I sometimes forget that Sino is my daughter we are close as friends she is my reason to hustle and one thing that makes sense when everything and everyone else doesn’t “he says.

Oh yes he is single, he confirmed it himself and if you want to apply to be Mrs. Nxumalo there are two requirements only , “I’m not choosey I love a woman with self-respect and who respects  other people and secondly she must know what she wants, that’s my ideal partner” says the man himself.

People often say it gets too dark just before dawn, that saying applies in Zakhele’s life after all the struggles his hard work is paying off he is working on his album and has released his single, he also gives back by teaching young people about the dangers of drugs and safe sex, Masheleni spreads the word even through his music his track titled “Amacondom” is a song that you can dance to and again be educated.

Masheleni is living proof that victory loves dedication, “it always seems impossible until it’s done” he said.

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