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Sunday, November 29, 2020
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The North West Taung Calabash is an annual heritage concert

that celebrates the diversity of our wonderful country.

The concert was not only to celebrate heritage but also to give the young people of North West a chance to explore their talents. The concert gave local artist a stage to perform and helped vendors to generate little extra income.

It also featured some entertainment dances, Dj's, performers both local and national artists  featuring local comedy talent as well as some of Mzansi’s comedian such as Chris Mabalane and his friend Skhulu at the Taung Sport Ground from the morning until midnights. The fascinating show featured artist such: HHP, Donald, Lection,Dj Spaara, Dj Sbu and more  .

On Sunday, September 28th A Jazz Festival was also held at the same venue whereby festival-enthusiast managed to spend a relaxed afternoon in the sun while enjoying the smooth sounds of local and national jazz and Gospel artists such as Zahara, The Soil, Brain Themba, Musa, Jazel Brothers, Sifiso Ncwane, Brendan, NW jazz clubs and some local artist such as Taung Jazz Band ghetto youth and many more.

The issue of the power being on and off created a disaster in last minutes, whereby many entertainment enthusiasts decided to leave the show peacefully without waiting for official closing of the show; however the artists managed to bring joy to the audiences by entertaining them until the final closing.

Spotlight Newspaper was unsuccessful to get comments from the show organizers.

The Taung Cultural Calabash Festival is sponsored by the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund, North West Department of Arts and Cultures, Traditional Affairs, Mmabana Arts Culture, Sport Foundation and the Greater Taung Local Municipality.


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