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Thursday, June 30, 2022
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‘Born to be a gospel singer’

From being inspired to being inspiring, Themba Ndala better known as Benjie is making his mark by fire and force, he is one of the artists to look out for. The journey for this gospel star started way back when Benjie was just a boy, growing up in the dusty streets of Winterveld Benjie always knew that there was something vested in him although he couldn’t tell what it really was but he knew it had

something special about him,  “I started singing in a choir and later joined a group called FIYOCA and I have to say it strengthened my vocals and toned my voice” says Benjie.   

What most people might not know is that Benjie actually studied chemical engineering at the then Technikon of Northern Gauteng now known as TUT, but  after the third semester he went on to pursue his REAL passion, singing.

Things started lightening up in 2003 when he recorded his first demo with Zano Production and started doing backings for Deliwe, Solly Moholo ,Winnie Mashaba and many more, “the highlight of my career was when I recorded my album and live DVD in the same year ,it made me realise that ,yes god is taking charge now “ he said.

 Benjie gets most of his inspiration from artists like Benjamin Dube, the late Vuyo Mokoena and Rebecca Malope because they never gave up in all the storms and trials they persevered.

Mr Ndala is also a father, loving & responsible husband as he puts it, like most would think ,How do they keep the relationship flowing being Christians and all? Well Benjie is the luckiest man,

 “ I’m very blessed to have a wife who understands all aspects of my  life I mean we experience the same benefits of prayer, fasting and share the same set of values, most importantly we always make time for each other and family time as well” the artist said.

He also gets most of his guidance from the bible as he says there are many bible verses he can quote that speak about family life, healthy conflicts and marriage, he makes an emphasis on the fact that being Christian doesn’t mean you have to be boring,

 “I go out with my friends, family and we do have fun,  we still do what brought us together as lovers the important thing is not to loose yourself and hold a connection with god” said Mr Ndala.

Benjie had grown as an artist and as a human, from singing in a choir, doing backings for famous artists- to recording his own album and owning his label (THENDA PRO) not forgetting taking over the airwaves with his music.

He took a dream and turned it into reality, now that’s a real definition of success.

Benjie’s album “Ngiyathokoza” is out with hit tracks like Konke kuyenzeka, Ukulindile and Dance for the lord. The album is available by order, visit multipurpose hall in Winterveldt or call Benjie on 0731562471.

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