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Monday, May 25, 2020
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Vusimuzi Ntatshana better known as DJ MuZI.GP to the general public is not a celebrity but a musician as he would put it, he is in his early 30’s but has accomplished so much not only musically but personally as well.

DJ MuZI has proven that he is a force to be reckoned with. All the success hasn’t got into him, he remains humble and grounded. He is in actual one of those people who haven’t had it easy

“my childhood was not exactly the smoothest as I lost both my parents at a very tender age and I had to move from one location to another living with relatives, however I am and will always be grateful to everyone who contributed to my upbringing” says Dj Muzi.

This musical genius has what we call a triple B (Beauty, Body and Brains) and yes’ ladies he is taken, Dj Muzi amongst other things is a father who adores his daughter and like most parents, he live each day to make her proud and makes sure that he provides the best he never had and more, we know that being a Dj is not easy and it is often time consuming but this family man makes time for his family.

Being from Mpumalanga Dj Muzi gives back to his community by collecting school bags & water bottle and distributes them to grade 1&2 learners, he is hoping to expand this initiative and distribute to at least from grade 1 to grade 7.

 “I also teach youngsters’ who are trying to enter into the music scene about the industry from the technical to the business side of things” he says.

Most of us got to know Dj Muzi in 2007 with his hit song titled Muhle which went as far as dominating the airwaves (radio & TV), what we don’t know is that the hustle started way back in 2004 when Muzi was only a Dj but he didn’t restrict himself he went as far as learning how to produce his own music.

Though it was not a walk in a park his passion saw him through, “I’ve always been inspired by the likes of Black coffee and Oskido they’ve done it against all odds“says Muzi.

Today he owns and manages his own label Platinum Music SA and is continuing to grow, as cliché as it may sound, it doesn’t matter where you come from its only whereyou are headed that matters.

Catch his “Defying –All-Odds-Delux- Edition album out on cd in 2015, you can also get it now digitally on ITunes, Traxsource, Beatport and Amazon worldwide.

For Gig Guides, catch him on twitter@djmuzigp and facebook Dj MuZiGP 


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