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Thursday, June 30, 2022
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David Kau throws humour!

South African comedian David Kau caused some stomach aches with his jokes to the audiences at Morula Sun Casino and Hotel in Mabopane, North of Tshwane .

A Large number of comedy fans attended the mzansi’s jokes man comedy session at Leseding conference centre in Morula Sun. The fans were blown away by

David’s hilarious jokes; he brought a sense of humor to some of the audiences.

Kagiso Sithole (28) from Menlynn in Pretoria East said that he wanted to witness the comedy, “I am David Kau's big fan and always will be. This guy makes me laugh until I get stomach aches; he is the reason why I am always smiling. I often follow his comedy sessions and I can't wait to see more from him, “said a fan.

The comedian's cracking joke was that if you attend black people funerals you'll be treated with tender loving care referring that directly to a white man who attended the event and made him to laugh out loud,

"Sir, if you attend a funeral of a black person, you will be automatically given special care, just because you are white. The family will assume that you are the deceased employer and give you the best hidden food. It is a fact that during the funeral service, there are some of the food which are for ordinary people and best food for very important people. This is the benefit of being a white person and what about us the blacks?" he shared a joke.

The comedian teased women about their weaves, “I don't know where the ladies get this terrible weaves. One of the weaves that I don't understand is of Public Protector Thuli Madonsela"s weave, I mean it is hiding her face and you can't even get it anywhere perhaps somewhere in Zimbabwe,” Said the comedian.

He added with another joke saying that Indian people are economical with the truth, referring that to Presidential Spokesperson Mac Maharaj, “If you don't know Mac Maharaj, well there is a beard man posing on a bucket of kfc," said David.

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