Open letter to all South Africans

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This is an open letter to all in South Africa written by Tshepang Mokgatla, success author and coach; if you can share this letter on social media you stand a chance to win incredible rewards.

If you only give once in a while, next time think of this.

We live in a country that has an abundance of opportunity, and a lot of support programmes for development of our people; however we have a growing challenge with combating social ills. While we have our focus being on giving the spotlight to our social challenges as a nation, there is a lot of good work being done out there. And it is about time we start focusing on building the good. The biggest challenge we have as a nation, is entitlement. Yes a lot of us think, believe and act like the world owes us something.

In the words of mother Teresa “we cannot wage a fight against war by having ‘marches against war’, invite me to a peace rally and I will gladly provide my support.” What we keep profiling as society becomes what we see continuously become growing trends. Since the spotlight turned to issues like drug abuse, more drugs are consumed on the streets than ever. As so happened with the issue of unemployment. The continual broadcast of so called no jobs in South Africa, has led to the increase in unemployment and in a lot more giving up on prospects of finding employment. This is the same for all other social ills.

We are a country with abundant opportunities and we have also chanted slogans like “uzo ithola kanjan’ uhlele ekhoneni” (meaning get up and do it for yourself), however this is not enough. It is about time we start making this an indentation in the mind-set of our people and nation, in order to empower them to be more self-sufficient.

Just quickly on our background the BE28 is all about helping our people create habits of success through consistency and dedication in a period of 28 days. It is based on a presupposition that it takes 21 days to consciously create a habit, however after 28 days it becomes an unconscious action.

As an entity we are driven by impact more than profit and we keep working continuously to create larger impact in the world (and particularly in South Africa). We have published a book called “Success is my only option” which is a high impact coaching programme that is dedicated; 1) helping us to create goals that we will be entirely responsible for, instead of blaming their surrounding for their individual challenges and 2) modelling and living like successful people do through a daily devotional to personal success.

The unit price of the book is R220, however we keep on making partnerships to make this more accessible and one of our sponsors has pledge to subsidise group orders of at least ten to the programme at R100 per unit excluding delivery.

This is our call of action. We would like to start success clubs in order to ensure that we change the conversations our people are having, to empower our people to take up the challenge and take action towards creating a great future for themselves and the country. We call on all organisations and cooperates that believe in success and the success of our people to take on the challenge of launching their own success clubs. We believe that it is in our hands to change our lives and our future as people.

One can always order a copy for themselves, at R220, however it’s more impactful if done as an organisation so that you can also have your own accountability partners around you. Remember for a group of ten or more, the group order price is R100 per unit, excluding delivery.

Let us put our hands together to change the social landscape of our country. Adopt an organisation or a school, sponsor their copies of the book (Success is my only option) and let us work together in launching success clubs around the country. We believe it requires all of us to lend a hand in making our country the truly sovereign nation it is.

You’re welcome to contact us for orders and we offer success coaching services at affordable rates to individuals, learning institutions, ministries and businesses at affordable rates. Our details are as follows: - Telephone number +2776 375 1759, email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and if you can share this open letter using below social network links you stand a chance to win incredible rewards.