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Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Tshepang Mokgatla: Our new author

Tshepang Mokgatla was born in Meadowlands, Soweto on 26 December 1986. As an adult he became a successful success coach and inspirational writer.


His career includes a youth development practice,

as well as becoming an entrepreneur. He studied at Wits Business School and dabbled in new venture creations. Tshepang mentions that, like many students, he dropped out before he could achieve his qualifications in engineering, marketing and even IT.  He ascribes this to not having a clear plan for his future.


Tshepang Mokgatla’s success is derived from the many books that he read, as well as the people surrounding him. He learned that greatness is in all of us and he wants to be the best Tshepang Mokgatla that he can offer the world. He believes that as humans we are all connected and he draws his inspiration from all the people he interacts with, as well as reading their books, hearing their stories and having face-to-face interactions with them. “I always seek out the best in people. Hence I always ensure that I respect all not for their titles, personal belongings or social status. I respect and learn from all the people I interact with just because they are human beings” said Tshepang.


When asked about the youth’s apparent lack of direction and his advice to them, he said: “It’s important that we all know that we are powerful beyond measure, that we are all masters of our own destiny and that with a clearly defined purpose and absolute faith in ourselves and our abilities, success is our only option. So we must all realize that greatness is in all of us.”


We asked Tshepang how he would improve our country if he had an opportunity to be our president. He replied: “If I can be a president, I would inspire our people to believe more in themselves and to be more self-driven. I would help them understand that for us to be an accomplished society, it would require us to be more united as a group of people with a common set of values and beliefs. That we should all have a clear developmental agenda that focuses on knowing that we are purpose driven people. I would help our nation to understand that there is no need to compete against each other for anything; all we need do is to create. I would help our people understand that the concept of scarcity only exists because we created a society of “haves and have not’s”. I would make our nation understand that greatness is in all of us.”

Recently Tshepang published and launched his book titled “Success is my only option”. It made headlines in many news publications and we wanted to know what influenced him to write such a remarkable, inspirational book. “The impact is to have a more self-driven individual and to alleviate the culture of entitlement. The book is written for everyone with a goal or dream to become more or have more out of life and that is what influenced me to write this book. I would like this book to reach every corner of the world: each learner in our educational institutes, educators, entrepreneurs, religious leaders, politicians and individuals must have this book; they should read it daily to enrich their lives and of others.”   


He continued by saying: “It was more of a challenge set to me and advice I received from my friends and colleagues in the coaching space. I believe putting together a coaching publication or book is more research, experimental and empirical information gathering. I realized early that the biggest challenge for me will be the actual writing so I invested a lot of time in developing a structure that can be friendly to the eye but challenging to the person in order to ensure that it releases the best out of the reader.”


In closing we asked Tshepang where we could find his book. “The book is available in shops and it is important for every shop to have this book in their stock including grocery stores because this book should be part of everyone’s life. They should email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to place orders including individuals.”


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