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Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Shanduka Black Umbrella (SBU) Entrepreneurs Graduation Ceremony

Shanduka Black Umbrellas (SBU), a non-profitable organization that aims to develop black owned businesses by providing mentoring and support to ensure business growth and sustainability, held  a graduation ceremony recently, for its first batch of graduates at its Pretoria incubator.

A number of upcoming entrepreneurs had successfully completed 3 years as part of the incubation program.

Joseph Madingwaneng of Moyeng Engineering, Oscar Segane of Bathale Media, ,Kelebogile Mooketsi of Goodlife Debt counsellors and Moses Munasi of Munasi Consulting, formed the list of the graduates.

The General Manager of SBU’s inland incubators, Mr Emmanuel Mdhluli, who oversaw the graduation process, highlighted the path and challenges the graduates experienced and in attaining their successful incubations.

It was a very proud moment for the SBU staff, especially the mentors who could finally reap the rewards of their mentorship. SBU is a vehicle for black owned businesses, mainly to assist them in growing into sustainable and job to creating entities. SBU provides all necessary tools, freeing would-be entrepreneurs to dedicating their efforts into the activities and tasks that are requisite for success.

SBU receives funding sponsorship from various sources, which then goes a long way in ensuring mentoring takes place, resulting in incubates receiving professional training and acquiring the necessary skills.

To read more about Shanduka Black Umbrellas, as well as how to be partake in the programme visit their website on

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