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Thursday, October 22, 2020
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A letter from a prisoner touched me

The letter below as details will indicate, reached me after I had been on Thobela FM touching on issues of importance like reconstructing one's life in a way that will yield the results one desires. Key areas of concern like education, unemployment and cultivating

the culture of reading and exposure to employment opportunities were briefly discussed.


As a Professional Inspirational coach (Motivational Speakers), my ultimate goal is to influence people in the direction of  becoming who God has created them to be, to the benefit of mankind and to the glory of God, Himself.


I`m particularly excited and encouraged by responses such as by Mr Kutama - the message is clear: let us teach ourselves to shift focus from ourselves and place it on somebody else and meet their need without expecting anything in return.


I was particularly impressed by Mr Kutama's response and believe there is a way in which he can, together with many others like him, be helped. An appeal, as he himself has made it, extended to the public to forward advice. I'm confident that the outcome will be of benefit to us all and I will appreciate if we can also share this on our social media platforms to reach those whom we were unable to reach.  


Below is the letter I have received and sharing with you.

Katlego Joseph Maparumela

Kutama-Sinthumule Correctional Centre

Private Bag X2006



Dated: 16 April 2016


Dear Sir


I appeal for help and support to reconstruct my life to make a positive impact in the society.

You met all the criteria for outstanding motivation that contributed positively to human development, hope and moral rejuvenation within me. Your mutual focus on human development will play a critical role in transforming the way I think and bring a positive change to my life.


I appreciated, particularly, your tireless effort to come to the studio (Thobela FM), the motivation and perseverance stance towards changing the lives of South Africans. You fought a big battle that contributed to the bigger picture I have today and which also serves as a constant source of my strength.


When talking about the role of education in relation to the needs of our society, there's a strong link between education and employment. Therefore, we must align ourselves directly to the things that will improve our education system and socio-economic conditions. Lack of education has the potential of weakening our dreams at a frightening rate but as a young man I have to own my voice and use the power to change the circumstances and make it happen.


We're living in a fast changing world with new technology, new paradigms, rapid developments, more instability and hugely complex issues to manage. Therefore, this requires innovation, long-term thinking, the use of resources for greatest impact and systematic changes, and to find ways to cooperate, collaborate and build a strong education system, employment and free-crime society.


New ideas are often first seen as unconventional but are contested by those who hold the power and the main stream now is the people's movement, collectively, for a successful society. I have several business ideas that needed to be uphold by you or your department to transform the lives of my society (Bela-Bela). Amongst this business ideas, one can employ 50-200 people both young and older people but this need a well compiled and structured business plan.


I hope you will join me in welcoming this ideas and I'm looking forward to make a positive change and be productive to my community because I owe them so much, and also to place the remaining years of my life in prison in your heart and soul to help and support me. May the best of luck be with you and your family, GOD blesses you!


Yours faithfully


Katlego Joseph Mapharumela

Prison no: 213955886

At the back of the letter he wrote as follows:-

I would like to ask for your written reply and wish you to publish this if possible to different medias, especially, to Thobela FM (Hlokwa la Tsela)

I have N4 in Human Resource Management which I studied in this prison and also busy studying Computer Course (ICDL). I'm also facilitating Agricultural Applied Technology (AAAT) AET-4. Remember! I'm born in 1977-04-07

How can you help me?            


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