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Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Alternative Law

Small and medium-sized businesses typically encounter similar commercial law dilemmas. Instead of legal relief being something that is readily available and accessible to ordinary businesses, over the past few years “Dealing with lawyers” has become a rather daunting and grieving task.

Boutique commercial law consultancy ‘Whipping the Cat’ was founded in September 2013 and aims to change the perception of the way that legal services can be delivered in South Africa

by providing a trusted and viable alternative to traditional law firms and attracting and exciting clients with a new approach. Whipping the Cat aims to target the various legal obstacles that small and medium sized businesses commonly encounter, including legal costs, the inaccessibility of lawyers and lawyer-client relationships.

“There is an opportunity to demystify law and make legal services more accessible to a wider range of companies” –Graeme Wilson, founder and CEO of Whipping the Cat

Whipping the Cat charges fixed fees and expresses that their fees are based on output and value to clients rather than hours spent. Whipping the Cat expresses that they are continually looking for ways to work more efficiently and that theirstaff are rewarded by client satisfaction and retention.

CEO Graeme Wilson provides that they try tohave meetings in clients' offices, often walking through their factories and showrooms in order to create a better understanding of their clients, their environment and their risks.

 “The better we understand our clients, the better we are placed to identify problems early and assist in providing legal solutions” provides Graeme.

 What makes Whipping the Cat different is their unique and different approach to their workload, they aim to work quickly, cheaply, efficiently and use alternative models of working. Due to this innovation, Whipping the Cat has seen its client base grow substantially since September 2013.

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