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Saturday, July 04, 2020
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Letter to South Africans and the World

Dear South Africans and the World


I’m Lerato Sirengqe the publisher of the new Spotlight Newspaper for South Africa, all residing in our country and across the world. We know that you’re all pressed for time. But please could you give us your full attention for the next few minutes as you read this letter?


You see, South Africa is facing higher unemployment rate and small businesses can contribute significantly to reduce unemployment rate in our beloved Country. But starting a business without investors, funding and enough capital leads to small businesses fading regardless how good the business proposal is.


We started Spotlight Newspaper for all in South Africa and abroad, with the intention of enlightening, inspiring and empowering our readers by means of exposing the truth. The wise says:”Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society and in every family”. We there believe that this publication is the best podium for all in South Africa to share knowledge.


Regarding the unemployment that is high in our country, Spotlight Newspaper can play a significant rule towards creating jobs to a large number of South Africans directly or indirectly. We will be able to create jobs for Journalists, Columnists, Photographers, Graphic Designers, Editors, Distributors, Street Vendors and our paper will also be available in retail shops across the country. But believe me it will not be possible without your support and contributions.


These kinds of establishment across the world require massive investment or capital to be formed towards success. We from disadvantaged communities, we started without funding, without investors and we don’t even qualify for loans at all our national banks because we don’t have collaterals but it is our passions and our dreams towards producing successful national publication for all in our beloved country. Would you please help?


Someone once said to me: “never be afraid to ask for help when you need it most. Ask for help. Don’t be afraid. No one is perfect. We all make mistakes, we all have differences, but one thing you should know, and help is not a bad thing for anyone or anything. Give it a try and see for yourself”. This is the reason we have courage to request your help.


We want to publish our printed version every Saturday and online version daily but without financial support it is impossible. We approached businesses to support us by means of advertising in one or both of our publications but unfortunately they intended to invest only in well-known publications with a good circulation records and massive website traffic but our publication is still emerging. But we strongly believe that not every company will be negative towards our proposal.


Therefore in the meantime, we are requesting donations from all in South Africa and across the world to keep us moving towards our goals and our objectives. You can contribute R5, R20, R50 or more into Spotlight Newspaper banking details below. Your donations will contribute towards newspaper printing costs, office rentals, and transport, telephone, internet costs and stipends for journalists. We will be able to publish quality news and quality information for all in South Africa.


And to all companies in South Africa, we as publishers of Spotlight Newspaper, we hereby requesting your loyal support by means of advertising your products and services in our publication, we can manage to circulate high volume of Spotlight Newspaper copies to your target market provided your company support us financially. Our advertising rates are low and our rate card is available from our website and you can contact us if you require assistance towards placing an advertisement in our publication at any time.


In conclusion: – Thank you all for your time and we believe you will assist us, this is our Spotlight Newspaper website; please visit this website daily for latest South African News.


Our banking details for donations are as follows: -

Bank Name: First National Bank

Account Name: Spotlight Newspaper

Account Number: 6240 1320 560

Branch Name: Carlton Centre

Branch Code: 250-655

International Swift code:FIRNZAJJ

Bank Country: South Africa

Deposit Ref: Donation


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Thank you, faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe. We have faith and believe in you, it is the reason you did read this letter. God bless you all...

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