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Monday, October 14, 2019
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Times have really changed indeed, yet some things will take forever to change.  With the arrival of spring, I decided to go out with the family and go smell the smell of flowers and hear the birds chirping. Hmmm, the question was where to go; I decided to go to one of the water resorts. A funny thing is that I can’t swim, but the place I heard had great views and awesome braai facilities. You can’t divorce me from my steak; I decided that this was the plan.

Walla, there I went, got at the gate and greeted by a tired old man, had to pay an exorbitant price to get in, but since I reckon am a cleaver black and I can afford it, why not.  I got in, greeted by a group of swimmers who if you would guess were mostly the paler than I am. I looked at the slides and I decided that there is no way that I would actually even attempt to get on that monster. I was actually chuffed to see that the generation after me can easily manoeuvre themselves around the water. How I wish.

I went on my way to my patch of grass under a tree, not far from me was a lady in her late 20’s, sitting all by herself, not far from her was a grouping of families who came together to come celebrate Spring.  I saw the lady being called or should I say summoned by one of the matriarchs to come pack up and move the family to a sunny spot away from a tree. Hmmm, how certain things will never change.

It really intrigued me that from my perspective I was able to be in a space where I could go and pay an exorbitant fee and enjoy myself, whilst this lady who is my peer could not be able to do the same. However looking at those young black youngsters going up the slides and swimming like penguins in the water gives me hope that South Africa is not very far off from becoming an equal society, it will take time but we will get there. 

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