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Saturday, September 21, 2019
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South Africa: It will never be the same!

Most historians are of the opinion

that it takes a Liberation party few decades to cave in or start showing cracks; this is due to the fact that citizens in many instances owe their allegiance and well-being to this particular party. If one can look at the likes of Zimbabwe and Botswana, there is still that attachment to the so called Liberation movement. With the look of things it does not look like South Africa is going to take follow the same trajectory. I pit it through to you my reader that in the next two elections, the Liberation movement and the governing party is going to cave in and spectacularly crumble.

You are perhaps saying that I am making either ludicrous statement or I am being very brave to go ahead and make such a statement. But with where I am sitting, I seriously can say that with authority, in this year’s elections the cracks have started showing, Gauteng being a very clear example of how fed up people are. It is not that people do not take into cognisance what the governing party has done as a Liberation movement; people are tired of all the wrongs that are happening in this country.

South Africa is an awesome land of possibility and it the reason that the masses are fed up is because this is not really coming through as such. So much can be done in this country; however the powers that be are not really coming to the party. The president needs to stand up and come up with a credible direction that we have to follow as a country, what are we as South Africans, what is our makeup? I look at other Nations, look at the Nigerians, they walk with pride and they just believe in themselves. You know why? Simply because they are taught to go out and change the course of their lives and assert themselves as a proud nation.

President Zuma, I call up on you to chart a way for this country, we are looking at you to steer the ship in the right direction, surely around you there are men and women of integrity, even if they are not there, surely you know deep down, what is right and wrong. I urge you to ensure that the South Africa that we are in currently is not the same as tomorrow’s South Africa, I want to wake up in a different country.

My dear reader, please engage with me on constructive ways on how we can change the course of our country, let us create a platform where we can engage in critical issues that affect us.


Bio of Tshepo Monnamoroe 

Tshepo Monnamoroe is a political thinker and he enjoys the political debates especially pertaining to where this country is meant to be going. He critiques issues and would like this column to be very constructive, it is meant to be a two way street whereby solutions are brought to the table and form a movement where these issues are taken to the higher level. I am sole believer that without the intelligentsia coming together and asking relevant questions, this beautiful country of ours will not go anywhere

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