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Monday, September 21, 2020
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Miss Understood

She stares into the mirror, trying so hard to identify with what she sees; her past shadows itself with regret while her future lingers with remorse. So wise yet so misunderstood, the image staring back seems somewhat annoyed by the site of her beauty and her identity seeks to find a way to unlock her full potential. She wonders what forces are at work here? Has God’s existence found a home elsewhere?

She is a mystery to herself, a jigsaw puzzle missing bits and pieces that don’t even identify with the reflection she sees. She lines

up her week; then her days, and then the hours but she cannot identify which challenges she will be facing today….   Perhaps if she gets through Monday, Tuesday will present a familiar ‘face’ that she can call her own.   She poses, she smiles; she eyes the glorified vision and she begins to negotiate with it. Her imperfections dismay and dishearten her confidence; her perfections are swindled into insecurities that she herself cannot point out into detail.

One could easily assume that she has identity issues, her face and neck all enshrouded in make-up, with an accent that whispers British decent but portrays evidence of unintended pretence. Acceptance, that is what she needs, that is exactly what her life requires, the seed her heart desires the change her world could admire.

Another day is born and she has to make sense of it before the son retires and dies.   She needs to exist within herself, life needs to find ‘meaning and meaning needs to find her. A mind so opinionated yet her brain fail to come to her defence.  That is what the world sees when they look at her, they see an identity crisis; to them she is an individual who has lost all sense of uniqueness and historical continuity.

To them she has been gloriously dethroned of her honour and striped of her unique unification of which is irreversibly given at birth.   Behold her beauty; she is a woman of substance and strength. ‘Let the first man without sin throw the first stone’.......Is there nothing else?

Born and raised by a strong woman, guided and betrayed by a weak man how many have this story to tell? Failed by ‘counterfeit wedding vows’; swindled by sweet words of love with no hold or value.

She is a woman of no pretence a lady of words so intense that she marks her territory with every statement she makes.   She is different, unique and a bold symbol of femininity and fertility.   She might not sound the way you had hoped but she is a creation purposely intended by God.   She is a sweet ‘treat’ that most men, anticipate to treat themselves to, there is absolutely nothing subtle about her.

While others have somehow mastered the art of living she has mastered the art of life and its meaning.

Words of envy and hate are thrown at her in hopes that she will return the rage in a form of debate but she refrains from exposing her disappointment and she camouflages her tears with her smile. She initiates a peace treaty with her kindness and believes that somehow the truth in you will understand.

This is the woman in many, a modern wonder created by time, one in a million…… Acceptance might have not been part of her plan but her wisdom is part of your destiny.




Nezisa Mfenyana:

Creative Strategist, Poet and Writer.

I’m fond of technology but I love unmarked new inventions even more...I believe in creating trends not following them.  I eat, drink and sleep ‘words’...  I’m not just a writer I am a creator of concepts and ideas.  I have a lethal dose of imagination and an untameable kind and loving personality.  Quickest way to kill me:  Leave me in a room with someone whom has no opinion about the world they inhabit.

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